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  1. Bram Reichbaum

    I was talking to someone today who said, “It all seems very high school.” Which of course it is.But whatever happened — and I’ve half a mind to think it was something good — Pittgirl expired. Shuffled off this ether coil. Sad.

  2. Bram Reichbaum

    P-G: “Today, answering questions by e-mail, she said she considered herself a writer, not a blogger…”Fair enough times ten, but she was a WHALE of a blogger. The sheer impact of that final screen! Her fans didn’t have to look at crying Calvin for a tenth of a second to realize what had happened, and to feel aghast, sad and dully bittersweet.She was always on the nose design-wise, and her voice (at least the one she used for PittGirl) was ideally suited to the briskness of the medium.

  3. Bethany

    re: your comment on the Burgh Report — I noticed that too, which I thought was amusing b/c from the few times I saw where Roni left comments I always thought he was at least mildly amused by it…and, her nickname for him, from what I remember, stemmed from making fun of someone else, anyway. I think people who are saying she was nasty are failing to remember a lot of people can laugh at themselves/take a joke…I can’t remember who said this, but one of the bloggers was saying that she always responded for criticism and held herself accountable…


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