“A Serious Concern” [UPDATED]

That’s of course Gubernattorney General Tom Corbett’s office who spoke this week, but other folks have been alleging that the Water & Sewer Authority kerfuffle is “serious” for some time.

The opt-out billing system is believed to be one subject of the attorney general’s review. It is also the focus of an Allegheny County Common Pleas Court lawsuit filed by resident Nancy W. Farber in February.

On Monday, Dominion Products and Services, two other firms with which it partners to offer line warranties, and resident Pamela Post filed another civil lawsuit. (Post-Gazette)

“One subject.” A noteworthy turn of phrase. It’d be too much if Nancy and Pamela turn out to be blog readers.

“I think the program is a bargain,” said Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, who appoints the authority board.

Objection! Irrelevant.

“We believe that we are on strong legal grounds,” said Mr. Ravenstahl.

That’s a lot more important that he believes that. Does anybody have an idea how long these things take? Harry Onorato and the Unfair Property Assessments has been wrapped for some time; it’ll be nice to have another court proceeding to follow.

*-UPDATE: PWSA on Friday May 14th “edged closer” to beginning its own internal investigation through a third party which it ordered “in April”. If I’m reading the Tribune-Review correctly.

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