Back with a Vengeance!!

Mark DeSantis proposes a raft of ethics reforms, including the appointment of an Ethics Compliance Officer. (P-G, Tim McNulty; Trib, David M. Brown)

Editorial Comment: We bet he won’t be stealing this one.

The County is launching a program to spruce up small business districts by offering grants, no-interest loans and tax-abatements, called Allegheny Together. (P-G, Ann Belser)

Editorial Comment: What’s with the names, already?

A certain Bernard Taylor has filed an application to open a strip club just blocks away from the casino on the North Side. (P-G, Mark Belko)

Editorial Comment: How about, no?

The Post-Gazette gets all up in the Tribune-Review’s dirty familial cashmere. (P-G, Dennis Roddy)

Editorial Comment: We initially thought it was awful petty of the P-G to bother bringing this to our attention. Then we remembered that Mr. Scaife himself once powered a far uglier campaign to investigate and expose a noteworthy couple’s personal family business out of spite and political disdain. So we only care to comment, “Ah hah!”

5 thoughts on “Back with a Vengeance!!

  1. the intern

    Seems like this DeSantis move is for show, i’m not sure this necessitates a full time position. Not to say that bidding processes and other “practices” are being done to the highest of standards, but to me that indicates a broken system rather than the need for a new “ethics czar”. Might as well just hire some consultants n’at.

  2. Anonymous

    A certain Bernard Taylor has filed an application to open a strip club just blocks away from the casino on the North Side. (P-G, Mark Belko)Editorial Comment: How about, no?-Agent Ska-

  3. Jonathan Potts

    I share your concern regarding the strip club, but I think–I could be wrong–that unless zoning codes specifically address adult businesses, you cannot deny permission to one to operate simply because it is an adult businesses.That a casino is attracting this kind of business should come as little surprise.

  4. Bram Reichbaum

    Intern – If things are broken enough, it probably would make for a full time job. It would probably take many many man-hours just to dig up the necessary information and track down the right people — particularly if you happen to be a Republican administration unearthing generations of one-party chuminess.Ska — That is indeed what I wrote. Wanna make something of it?Jonathan — I’m sure there must be creative strategies to hold them up and annoy them into submission, even though you can’t discriminate against their kind of business outright.


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