“Blogged to Death”

Right, what’s all this, then?

With ‘Burgh brand satire, Off the Record VII takes hilarious aim at the ‘Burgh on the ‘Net and features the characters of Mayor Ravenstahl, Mary Beth Buchanan and Bob Nutting, among others. KDKA news anchor Ken Rice emcees; guest humorist is County Chief Executive Dan Onorato. (PTS, h/t MR)

Sounds like the County Exec is really set to cook our goose. The event does benefit the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, so we assume he’ll be unveiling his donation right there on stage, on slew of pallets.

Luke was supposed to join Dan for some buddy comedy schtick, but backed out at the last minute. The Mayor was afraid that by collaborating, the routine would lose its “Pittsburgh Voice.” So now they’ll each be performing the same material, back-to-back. Your tickets prices will double, of course.

Journalists and performers satirize Pittsburgh news and newsmakers in comedy and song, with rebuttals from some satirized… (PCT)

Alright, who’s holding out on us? Dayvoe? Peckham? Wait — don’t say it — just don’t say it…

9 thoughts on ““Blogged to Death”

  1. Mark Rauterkus

    Bram, you could post at my blog. Anywho….This is an annual event. This year’s topic just happens to be about blogs. It is satire. It is humor. It is done throughout the year by guys who would be better served to publish the bits on the blogs so we get to giggle 364 other days. Some at the P-G do the script and work the talent N@.Do you want to help me with a visibility lit drop to all (or most) who attend that night — so as to exercise our free speech???

  2. EdHeath

    This is the same evening as the “candidate forum” architecturally oriented non-debate betwixt Mr Ravenstahl and Dr DeSantis, unfortunately. Its interesting that Onorato will be at the Byham instead of cheering on his co-candidate. I expect the media will be somewhat divided too, since Off the Record seems to be a somewhat media oriented function. Or they could go to a meaningless non-debate. What to do, what to do.

  3. Mark Rauterkus

    The Literature Drop I’m doing is my campaign brochure — typical Vote for Mark Rauterkus – bio stuff.We could pull together an additional piece — a call to action thing. That could be an invite to our blogs, perhaps.I’d love to do that in addition to the campaign visibility stuff.The media won’t do much at all with the Blogged to Death thing other than a feel good fluff (valid). Perhaps one station will do a bit at the end of the newscast if it is a slow news day. This is a fundraiser.And, I bet Onorato hits both venues — as I hope to do too.

  4. Bram Reichbaum

    Yeah, I think so. At first I was torn between this and the debate, er FORUM. But it seems a couple more mayoral debates are coming, and I don’t see Onorato on the calendar at the Improv yet.

  5. EdHeath

    Actually, I am. I got the tickets as a gift. Otherwise, miser that I am, I probably would be home, trying to listen to the … Pantheon … er, Forum (where’s Pericles when you need him … oh yeah, wrong Mediterraneans).

  6. dayvoe

    I’ll be there.It’s my understanding that local politicians will be made fun of by local (old skool) media types.There’ll be larfs and songs and dancing and sharp-edged political satire all around.Off the record, of course.And while they’re USING the idea of blogs for the satire, I don’t think any bloggers are involved in the actual production.I know I’m not.BUT, I’ll drop a hint – I should have a better idea tomorrow night.That’s all I’m saying. dayvoe


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