‘Burgh Welcomes 2nd Strip Club This Year!

Hey, West End … race ‘ya till your opening!

The city of Pittsburgh and a pair of businesses seeking to open a Hustler Club in the Chateau neighborhood submitted stipulations in U.S. District Court today that would appear to clear the way for the adult entertainment establishment. (P-G, Rich Lord)

“Stipulations” … as in, we settled with them.

The city would gain restrictions on signage at the club, including bans on the use of the words adult, exposed, naked, nude, nudity, sex, sexual, strip, topless, unclothed, and the symbol “xxx.” Also restricted would be the content of Hustler Club radio and TV advertising in the market. (ibid)

Well, this is almost too much. Granny and grandson could wander in for a coke and be all, “I was not informed!”

ASIDES: Anybody remember watching the film, The People vs. Larry Flynt? Was not Mr. Flynt, founding publisher of Hustler magazine, the protagonist in that bio-pic? Does anyone else remember pulling for him and against the straight-laced, closed-minded, oft-hypocritical “values” junkies who do not value the First Amendment of the Constitution? Yeah, well there’s that.

I feel awful for Manchester. These Hustler Clubs look irredeemably cheesy, and unlike the nearby casino I don’t think the proceeds are even purported to lower our property tax burden.

16 thoughts on “‘Burgh Welcomes 2nd Strip Club This Year!

  1. MH

    Until now, I never knew Pittsburgh had a Chateau neighborhood. I'd assumed everything was either Manchester or the North Shore.

  2. Rex


    Chateau is the industrial North Shore along the Ohio River, separated from the North Shore by Western Avenue and the West End Bridge and from Manchester by Chateau St. and the PA 65/US 19 spur of the North Shore Expressway.

    When PennDOT realigned PA 65/US 19 to its' current alignment in the 80's, Manchester was spared from destruction by none other than then-State Representative Tom Murphy.

  3. Anonymous

    Hey, Bram…

    Any chance you could post Video of Hustler Club? Ya know, some insight into the minds of those that operate, workers and consumers…

    For educational purposes, only!


  4. MH

    I suppose you can write whatever you want on a sign, but it might not fit on a sign that you could carry. Stream of consciousness meets public policy takes space.

  5. Bram Reichbaum

    Lifetime ban BACK IN EFFECT for cussing me out (not for the first time) in an e-mail addressed to Doug Shields, Natalia Rudiak, Selena Schmidt, Wendy Urbanic, Rich Lord, Joe Smydo, Gene Collier, and Dick Armey. Wish I were joking.

  6. MH

    Anyway, we've all sent semi-coherent rage-filled rants to Shields. But you can be sure that I don't mention you when I do that.


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