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“No Cost to the Taxpayers”

Post-Gazette city beat reporter Rich Lord has a bug in his bonnet over the contract for traffic lights awarded to CLT Efficient Technologies Group of Carnegie. The Mayor responds:

“Through this effort we are reducing the cost of government, becoming more efficient and protecting the environment,” the mayor said in the statement. “Not only will we be upgrading our traffic lights, but we’re doing it without costing the taxpayers one single dollar.”

We are reminded that during the “Ron Air” feeding frenzy, acting Mayor Ravenstahl kept trying to use “no cost to city taxpayers” as his ace.

We weren’t clear on its relevance to that issue at the time, but we heard it ad nauseum from both Onorato and Ravenstahl in reference to the new Penguins arena.

There is another Rich Lord piece on the topic of the new arena, involving Council’s capping of the city Amusement Tax. In it we find:

There is no city or Allegheny County tax money going to arena construction, but the city and its authorities could be involved in paying for necessary road and sewer work.

“No cost to city taxpayers” does not always mean what it seems to mean, nor is it always the end of the conversation.

Wednesday Notableness

The P-G’s Rich Lord tells us of a lucrative city contract being awarded with almost no competition, to a frequent vendor who is politically juiced and has made regular campaign contributions. Then again, the city sent out many invitations for bids, and only got two responses. Then again again, it was Christmas.

Joe Smydo of the P-G reports that suggestions to push back the start of the school day drew hearty applause at a gathering of Pittsburgh Public Schools Superintendent Mark Roosevelt, and “about 170 parents, teachers, and community leaders.” No word on any student attendance. A 9th grade civics class on Pittsburgh was also a popular idea.

God, having closed the door of the Garden Theater, opens a window to Scores Nightclub. TRIB columnist Eric Heyl considers the attempt to open a strip club along Homestead’s main drag. Editorial aside: if we are going to have a strip club, the city could do much worse than a Scores (link fully safe for work).