Cease Donating to DeSantis

The Comet has been increasingly clear about the mayor’s race for some time. We would prefer that you vote for Mark DeSantis.

The DeSantis campaign recently announced it had raised $300,000; a princely sum in these parts for any respectable underdog.

That should be the end of it.

Mark DeSantis already possesses at his disposal the tools to make a winning run. He should already have budgeted for it, which considering he is who he is, he no doubt already has.

But let’s be frank. He’s the underdog. Who knows where his leftover campaign cash would wind up if he loses?

Seriously. Who knows?


Look, we’ve all got to get our arms around this alleged Santorum contribution.

We are guessing Mark did not donate five figures. We are guessing he did not exactly go to war for the guy.

We are guessing that he, like so many Pittsburghers, felt expected to make an appearance, hold his nose, and write a check. His oldest friends were there, and he’s an important figure.

The man worked not only for Senator Heinz, but for Bush 41. For years.

41 was the one who knew how to organize the nations of the world, win a war, and get the hell out of there.

41 was the one that knew enough to raise the revenue necessary to keep government functioning, even if it was politically unpopular in his party.

Whatever. The point is, it’s okay for him to make a token contribution to Slick Rick if that’s what he feels — but not for us. The tale underscores our assertion that we really don’t know where DeSantis funds will go in the event of a loss. State races could be affected. National races could be affected.

Popular challenger Mark DeSantis will require a hearty last-minute push to get this boulder over the top of the mountain, no question. Cash always helps, and more is always better than less.

He should look to the apparatus of the state and national GOP. It is long past overdue for them to come through for one of their newest, most promising leaders — one that may even restore their party to the beginnings of dignity.

14 thoughts on “Cease Donating to DeSantis

  1. Anonymous

    <>“Alleged”<> donation to Santorum? Are you serious?!?!! As usual, DeSantis supporters are fundamentally dishonest in insinuating that this matter is at all up for debate. DeSantis’s $250 donation to Santorum in the last cycle is < HREF="http://opensecrets.org/indivs/search.asp?key=4gm2s&txtName=desantis&txtState=PA&txt2006=Y&Order=N" REL="nofollow">easily available for all to see<> on Open Secrets. Call that “token” if you want (and if you had even minimum knowledge about basic Federal politics or even a shred of honesty, you would know that <>no one<> donates “five figures” to candidates, because the limit is currently $2,300), but it was also DeSantis’s only Federal political donation in the entire cycle. He is a consistent GOP operative and an enemy of the people, as his picture of himself with Rudy Giuliani prominently displayed on his Flickr account further attests. Your attempts to prettify him are sick and twisted. I will refrain from praising your attempt to get people not to donate to this pig, for while it shows that you still have at least a tenuous connection to reality, you are still foolish and delusional if you really think that DeSantis’s consistent shilling for the Republicans is a matter of no consequence in this election. You also appear to think that Bush 41 was OK, and that the tens of thousands of corpses on his watch in Iraq were justifiable because he knew how to “unite the world.” Desert Storm was not a Bob Geldof concert, you ignorant git.

  2. Chad

    Anon 6:56 —Spare us the lectures on fundamental dishonesty when you’re frothing at your keyboard, posting nonsense (enemy of the people? please…), and unwilling to lend your name to any of it.It’s people like you, and occasions like this, that make me ashamed to be a Democrat.

  3. Bram Reichbaum

    Hey, I only wrote “alleged” because I ain’t seen it reported yet. Only heard about it in relation to these Ravenstahl attack ads.So he gave as much to Rick Santorum as he gave to Doug Shields? That’s really something.

  4. Schultz

    The campaing contribution reports are out there Bram, but I don’t get your “That should be the end of it.” I am sure that the DeSantis campaign could use more money to help to spread the message via radio and televion ads, especially when you consider that the Ravenstahl smear machine still has plenty of money in it’s bank account.

  5. Schultz

    “I will refrain from praising your attempt to get people not to donate to this pig”This pig? You’re insane, and you’re the type of individual that makes politics in this country such a disgrace. I’m sure you’ve supported and even voted for some scumbag politians in your time.DeSantis has a record of supporting both Republican and Democrats, which should comfort some of us Democrats who are voting for him since he would have to work with a Democratic city council if elected.

  6. TheTruth

    The anonymous wanker (since we are using British slang) said…<>He is a consistent GOP operative and an enemy of the people, as his picture of himself with Rudy Giuliani prominently displayed on his Flickr account further attests.<>A picture on a flickr account makes him a GOP operative and an enemy of the people? How about something with some substance?For example, Luke Ravenstahl appointed Pat Ford to run the URA. The same Pat Ford who, in a PG article, said that his best friend was Joe Edelstein. The same Joe Edelstein who is a convicted felon (health care fraud) and was caught submitting fraudulent bids to the CBI and the URA. http://burghreport.blogspot.com/2007/05/its-all-faade.htmlYou want to explain that one? Why did Ravenstahl fire Ron Graziano and Jerry Dettore after the Edelstein scam was exposed? And then later promote Pat Ford to be the new leader of the URA?Now, Who is the real enemy of the people? The guy with a photo on his flikr account or the one defending the convicted felon caught (again) stealing from the taxpayers?BTW, Luke and Pat Ford are Democrats (not sure about Edelstein).I’m confident you will not respond to this because you can not defend it.

  7. Smitty

    I don’t care what he gave to Santorum or Bush….this is a race between DeSantis and Ravenstahl….this steadfast adherence to party lines is the root problem here in Pgh and the state of PA….I have voted for Bush’s and Casey’s;Reagan and Rendell;Jesse Jackson and Jimmy Carter.It’s about the MAN not the PARTY.

  8. Anonymous

    And dam if both Major Papers haven’t given support to DeSantis. Whoooa ! This is a serious change of fresh air !!

  9. Anonymous

    Interesting — DeSantis’s contributions to Santorum weren’t “reported,” according to blogger Bram, so he referred to the contribution as an “alleged” contribution. We should all remember this the next time Bram and his blogger buddies talk about the superiority of blogland to the “MSM.” Here’s the point of view of the upper-middle-class twits who constitute the talk-left, act-right crew of “liberal” blogland in the ‘Burgh (and probably elsewhere), in a nutshell: though they are so congenitally lazy that they cannot be bothered to look up the facts on DeSantis’s Federal political contributions (a fact that took me about one minute of “research” to determine), they will continue to pontificate about political topics they know nothing about, as if they are the smart ones.

  10. Anonymous

    I thought DeSantis did a lot better in the debate this morning. I thought the retiree health care benefit discussion was interesting. Luke saying, “Hey, I already shook down Highmark” while DeSantis talked about going to UPMC to get a better deal (in the context of overall “donations” by non-profits).

  11. Bram Reichbaum

    “We should all remember this the next time Bram and his blogger buddies talk about the superiority of blogland to the “MSM.” “What are you talking about? We love the MSM. We are practically their litter-bearers. Oh, and blaming the liberal media for all your problems is straight out of the Bush 43 playbook.


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