Civic Duty: What Have We Learned?

1. The science, art, and dance of discussion moderation is an important and subtle work, which will require deep and specific examination of the works of Chris Moore, P.J. Maloney, Phil Donahue, Charlie Rose, and yes, even Oprah.

2. Nonetheless, I dropped 300-small on this microphone, and I’m going to hold it, thank you very much.

3. The resentment within the black community of police officers runs both deeper, and closer to the surface, than I would have expected. And I expected some already. Some sort of reaching out, or reinvigoration, is imperitive in this crisis, on both sides.

4. Our sad, semi-conscious, zombie-like plodding through the construction of flagrant public-works boondoggles is not a good thing. How many times will the trumpet-call of “You’re a nay-sayer! You hate progress!” prevent us from realizing this in time?

5. The Pittsburgh League of Young Voters did yeoman duty to promote and support this event. Next time, we will recruit five or six more civic groups like them, to do my dirty work. As Jesse Jackson once said, “I’m a tree-shaker, not a jelly-maker.”

The next Civic Duty will be held in about a month, either back in Slibberty at the Shadow Lounge, or else at the New Garden Theater, or the New Granada Theater. Anyone with the access, or the skills-of-a-hustler, to help make this happen please contact me. Look alive.

2 thoughts on “Civic Duty: What Have We Learned?

  1. Mark Rauterkus

    You could also try to hold the next event at either Neville Ice Rink on the South Side Flats — just behind UPMC South Side Hospital. Or, you could hold the event in the auditorium of South Vo Tech High School. Heck there are dozens of school settings that would be perfect for the event — sans the $5 cover and drinks, however.I think you did a nice job. Some people don’t like to be rushed. But, the show must go on. Really, I think the conversation should occur on I’d be glad to be a regular there.

  2. Brad

    I thought it came off pretty darn well. A little raucous, a few kinks, but I like raucous kinkiness. On the whole though, as somebody fairly new to Pittsburgh and ignorant of a lot of the issues being discussed, I found myself surprised at coming away entertained and informed. I’ll be at the next one, wherever it turns out to be.


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