Dearly Departing

In preemptive remembrance…

To Len Bodack — You lost by about 80 votes. You didn’t want to debate Patrick Dowd. Oh ho ho — what a mistake. Oh, that would have been priceless.

To Jeff Koch — Once upon a time, goodness how we savaged you! Since then, you sounded the only sensible note in the whole Cat Licensing fiasco, and you played a constructive role when it came to domestic violence and police department policy.

In the end, the voters wanted change, and they got it. Both of you guys, break a leg out there.

In terms of outgoing councilpersons, the representative from District 9 already outwent. Hardly any reason to bring that up here.

4 thoughts on “Dearly Departing

  1. deegazette

    I don’t live in his district, but I have always thought his demeanor should be modeled by others on council. He avoids grandstanding. Too bad he is done. Local governement is too much about how good you are at campaigning and not enough about how well you do your job.

  2. Bram Reichbaum

    Hey, I like a little grandstanding every now and again!BTW, I hope you are all following the link near the bottom of the post. It does not lead where you think it leads….


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