Here is a link to the New Pittsburgh Courier. Not sure when their news goes online.

Confirmed via DeSantis press release, and by a report on KDKA News Radio AM 1020, h/t CapitolMAN.

Analysis on teh BURR REPORR.


  1. Anonymous

    I have been waiting to see who the Courier endorsed. To me, this seems like a big one. Maybe not the biggest, but I would say bigger than the Pitt News. (No offense to the Pitt News and all, just thinking of the communities they serve.)

  2. Anonymous

    This means lots in the eyes of the black community. The way I read into this is: The Democrat is so bad we picked a Republican.

  3. Anonymous

    “The New People” is a reference that I recognize from an issue of Flaming Carrot.Or is there something that I’m missing here?-Shawn

  4. Anonymous

    “The way I read into this is: The Democrat is so bad we picked a Republican.”– Lets not forget that the Courier also endorsed Rick Santorum

  5. Anonymous

    The Courier may have endorsed Rick Santorum, but they also endorsed Ed Rendell over Lynn Swann. As for the Santorum endorsement, here’s what they had to say:“In Santorum, we have a politician who complains that his message isn’t reaching Black voters, and in Casey, we have a politician who hasn’t even tried… we have heard next to nothing from Casey, and because of that, we cannot endorse him. Though we are quite concerned that Santorum has been the poster child for a wing of the Republican Party that has been anathema to Blacks, we endorse Rick Santorum in this race.”Not exactly a ringing endorsement of Santorum. Read the whole thing here:

  6. Anonymous

    No, the Flaming Carrot is a (quite surreal in a “Krazy Kat” kinda way) comic written and drawn by Bob Burden that’s put out from time-to-time over the past, oh, 25 years or so. The “Mystery Men” of “Myster Men” movie (non)fame originally sprang from this comic.Kathy Griffin never did it for me. The little redhead who played Beth on News Radio is another matter, but I digress.-Shawn


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