Does anybody else smell Napalm?

Shorter Rich Fitzgerald today:

“You call it ‘unethical’ of me to have sent that campaign email to Marcellus Shale drillers? Why you LONELY, BORING, VAPID, BACKWARD, LYING, HACKNEYED, CRIMINAL, CALLOUS, EXPLOITATIVE FAILURE — how dare you go negative!” (P-G Early Returns, Tim McNulty)

That’s all for today. I just feel too disenchanted to engage in the political process. 🙁

5 thoughts on “Does anybody else smell Napalm?

  1. Jerry

    Good lord, does Mike Mikus really think that anybody who reads this stuff *doesn't* know that Fitz spent the entire summer smearing Raja? Who does he expect to fool with this? That's not a rhetorical question. Who, exactly, starts following the election precisely at the arbitrary “start of the general election campaign”?-

  2. Anonymous

    I'd say it's telling that there are only two comments on this post. The Fitz/Raja race is generating very little interest. Raja has no appeal among Dems, conservative Reps won't vote for him due to racism, and Fitz is conservative enough that he'll likely pull in some Rep voters, so barring a major gaffe, Fitz has it all tied up.

  3. Bram Reichbaum

    Anon 9:10 – Uphill battle, sure. But this county did go with Roddey not that long ago. Right now, Raja is more or less accomplishing A) people know exists. Next he needs to establish his own narrative, or any narrative of the race, and that's a tough thing to do when people see you trying to do it. (“No” appeal among Dems might be pushing it, don't ya' think? I'd like to know his approach to making health and human services more efficient, sure. But jeez.)

  4. MH

    I'm having a harder time ignoring Fitzgerald's posturing. I know elections are just big popularity contests, but promising to go to jail rather than mail the new assessments is stupid, even considering the possible local government comparison group.


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