Four Mour People from People’s Park

Whilst awaiting dispersal orders:

2 thoughts on “Four Mour People from People’s Park

  1. Anonymous

    I don't know who Shields thinks he is fooling. When corporate power came to Pittsburgh with the G20 he was just as complicit as Dowd and all the rest in making sure that the city wouldn't investigate its own police. When police used their sonic cannon in the residential streets of Lville I didn't hear him call for an investigation or seek to block funds for the use of these weapons. When the mayor tried to silence the CPRB, Shields wasn't introducing legislation to strengthen it. But now he wants to be thought of as a champion of civil rights – laughable!

    I don't know why shields has become such a hero of the Occupy movement in PGH. His signature legislation is a piece of creative writing that wouldn't stand up to the most cursory legal scrutiny – and he aspires to be a judge no less. It does more harm than good because the it effectively squandered the political capital that was needed to pass real regulations. If Shale gas bypasses the city it won't be because of Shields. Granted he may be the only one who comes to camp to glad hand with everyone, but when push came to shove he didn't do much to help the rights of protesters in the city.

  2. Bram Reichbaum

    “I don't know why shields has become such a hero of the Occupy movement in PGH”

    Opinions differ as to whether he's “such a hero”, but to the extent that he is, I think it's in equal measure because of the Marcellus legislation and because he's been there. Sure there was a unanimous Council resolution of support, but there's a far cry between signing that and showing up to a march or to the Park. It's clear that everyone else in politics is still afraid / embarrassed to be associated with the group.


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