Friday: All Mapped Out

Diversity review revs up (P-G, Rich Lord)

Barriers to women, a lack of outreach to minorities, and an internal culture perceived as hostile to outsiders have contributed to the development of a City of Pittsburgh work force that’s three-quarters male and three-quarters white.

A tall order for Tamiko Stanley, the city’s new Equal Employment Opportunities manager.

The Racial Equity Review Team, a group formed to hold the city’s feet to the fire on diversity in contracting and hiring, has demanded data, promises, and action plans from the city and Allegheny County.

What an interesting idea!


Former schools administrator sues district (P-G, Team Effort)

Dr. Mosley, who was serving as the director of recruiting and staffing, was fired on Aug. 23. According to his lawsuit, he received a letter from Superintendent Mark Roosevelt on Aug. 21 informing him that the school’s board of education would be voting the next day on his termination for unsatisfactory performance.

In his lawsuit, Dr. Mosley claims he was not afforded due process, in that he did not have adequate notice to defend himself or hire an attorney prior to the board’s vote.

Is this a data point of any kind?


Students praise Schenley’s efforts (Trib, Bill Zlatos)

Like children who don’t see their mother’s wrinkles, Schenley students focus on what their school has to offer — diversity, strong athletics and a multitude of programs. Students may choose from international studies, international baccalaureate, technology, English as a Second Language and a partnership with the Pittsburgh Ballet.

This is article is must-read material from top to almost bottom.


From the Somebody Had To Say It file:

We absolutely, positively can not let the week go by without linking once again to this Bugs & Cranks article, commenting on Bill Peduto’s web-based policy project, the Pokey Knows Pavement Management System. To learn more about Bugs & Cranks, click here.

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