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  1. Anonymous

    Can't wait for the Trib to get behind Josh Wander. Will Jim Roddey and the local Republican Party do the same? Here are the results of last year's vote for delegates to the Republican national convention for CD 14:

    James C. Roddey, Republican ………. 11,050 votes 27.4%
    Melissa A. Haluszczak, Republican ………. 6,571 votes 16.3%
    Mary Ann Meloy, Republican ………. 6,547 votes 16.2%
    Carl Edward Pfeifer, Republican ………. 4,870 votes 12.1%
    Melina Brajovic, Republican ………. 3,926 votes 9.7%
    Jared Yanovich, Republican ………. 3,819 votes 9.5%
    Josh Wander, Republican ………. 3,573 votes 8.9%
    Titus North, Republican

  2. MH

    I met Titus North outside a polling place. I think he was running for Congress as a libertarian or something.

  3. BrianTH

    β€œI think 35,0000 votes will win the election,” Roddey said. β€œThat means a little over 10 percent of the population (of 307,000) will select the mayor. It also means 90 percent of the people living in the city of Pittsburgh will get a mayor they didn't vote for.”


    So have we called off the general election then?

  4. Anonymous

    This is the most nerve-wracking day of the year for our mayoral candidates. The bars don't open until 8PM!

  5. Anonymous

    Is Bill P. using vacation time for all of this campaigning when he is STILL supposed to be working for the City?

    That would be expected of other City employees.

    Or is he expecting the taxpayer to pay for his time driving around in a street cleaner (is he properly licensed to drive that?) and walking around the City when a Council session is going on as if he is there?

    If so, he has set a pretty low bar for ethics.

  6. Bram Reichbaum

    Not to excuse whatever is the upshot of your anonymous fishing expedition, but we hear from poll watcher Darren T, who took some pics, that a “big manager” at PWSA is dropping off campaign paraphernalia to polling locations in a PWSA truck. You'll just have to guess which campaign. πŸ˜‰ Developing…

  7. Anonymous

    Preparing to fact check … from this afternoon's PG election coverage (fortunately for newbie reporters, JW will talk to anyone, anytime, at length):

    “I've been all over town,” Mr. Wander said in Squirrel Hill. “There's not much happening anywhere.”

    Asked about the atmosphere at the polls, he said, “Very sad.”

    Asked why, he said, “Because of the apathy. I think that Pittsburgh needs to wake up. It's unfortunate that they're predicting 18 percent turn out. Only 18 percent of the population is going to choose the next leader of this great city, and that's unfortunate. I think it's a direct result of the people being dismayed by the whole system. I think that a lot of people are just completely and utterly disgusted by the negative ads that were coming out, the attacking of each other on a really low level. I don't think it was beneficial for anyone. You can see how the different candidates, even as they were going up and down in the polls, both the forerunners, their likability just kept going down and down and down.”

    Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/local/neighborhoods-city/polls-open-for-primary-election-688496/#ixzz2TxSOHdet

  8. Bram Reichbaum

    Also Anon 2:40, CDL licenses are required for vehicles weighing in excess of 26K lbs, whereas street sweepers weigh 14K lbs.

    However, you are correct in that Mr. Peduto has never produced his birth certificate.

  9. Anonymous

    members of city council don't have sick/vacation time. They can do what they want. They only answer to the voters.

  10. Anonymous

    Time for all you rats to jump ship.
    Bram, do people really click on to these odd links? To me it's litter.

  11. Anonymous

    Look, I have commented on here before and been critical of Bill and some of his supporters. I have been a Lamb supporter. Bill won. It is over. Bill will be mayor. We all need to get behind him for the betterment of the City. I just hope he doesn't let some if his fringe supporters drag him to not be supportive of everyone in the City. I don't care who it is, even Mayor Luke himself, if Luke comes into the 5th floor asking for help/guidance/assistance – he should be treated fairly and like any other citizen. That will be Bill's biggest charge and test to see if he can truly be a great Mayor.

  12. Bram Reichbaum

    A good sentiment, and I hope it prevails… but I just want to add I don't know of any Peduto supporters, even the “fringe” I guess (what is our fringe?), who desire that Mayor Bill should not be supportive of any residents. In your example, as long as the help / assistance Luke requests of Mayor Bill is not, “Pave my street more often than others,” or “Keep my buddy as the Director of Management and Government” or something like that… who thinks Peduto's supporters want to screw other residents? Not anyone's goal.

  13. Anonymous

    totally with you Bram, 100%. If Bill governs in that manner, that would be terrific. I think most Luke supporters secretly wished for that kind of leadership for years, but had no venue to say it publicly. No one should get streets paved more than others and no one should have their buddy hired. That similarly goes for Bill. Look, I don't think progressives have to be pure, but they do have to be consistent, or they aren't progressives. Bill can't go out now and appoint all his buddies and supporters and he can't hurt Luke's people intentionally just because they were Lukes people. If he does that, it truly will be a new Pittsburgh. I'm doubtful, but hopeful.


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