Jim Ferlo On City Finances

State senator Jim Ferlo has been variously described as Luke Ravenstahl’s friend, political ally, and sponsor. Buried within a horse race article — or um, lack-of-a-horse race article — by the P-G’s Rich Lord:

The toughest issues before [Ravenstahl] may be the size of the Fire Bureau, a looming pension crisis, and revenue problems, said Mr. Ferlo, a former City Council president.

“Given the financial health of the city,” he said, “there is a need for some consolidation in the Fire Bureau. It’s going to have to be on his watch over the next couple of years.”

That could mean confrontation with a politically powerful union with a heroic aura.

That could be described as a well-established position that the two men share … or a little advice from the state senator to the young mayor … or a stern warning.

Question for our progressive readers — before Jim Ferlo became so closely aligned with Ravenstahl, you all just loved this cat, right?

2 thoughts on “Jim Ferlo On City Finances

  1. YinzerBoy

    Depends on who you ask. Some feel his baptism of Lenny B as his successor was unforgivable, others point to Bobby O support as the last straw.

  2. Mark Rauterkus

    Jim Ferlo had grit and spirit. Most like that. It is a fleeting memory for some. But, Jim Ferlo was part of the problem that drove the city to the brink too.However, Jim Ferlo wasn’t always in Tom Murphy’s corner either. Another plus. Jim Ferlo, what have you done for us recently? That’s the question?He is made in the shade. Went to Harrisburg and we hardly hear from him. Tip, blogging friend: Don’t try too hard to put friend or foe tags on the players. Rather, go to the issues — then you can be real leverage for solutions.


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