Judge: No More Weeks of Occupy

Any advice? Will be sure to pass it along.

8 thoughts on “Judge: No More Weeks of Occupy

  1. Anonymous

    Advice? You mean, as in vacate private property? Remember, Occupy wanted the law to determine if there was any legal ground for staying, and the response was unequivocal. There are other places to assemble. Find one.

  2. MH

    The warm winter is pretty obviously a sign that somebody should be trying to make as much trouble as possible for Wall Street and various banks.

  3. rich10e

    as i stated when OWS was first asked to vacate: You had a good run, unlike OWS trouble spots the local chapter handled itself with decorum, respect for the public and police, and a lack of disturbances. Take your legacy and leave with dignity!!

  4. Conservative Mountaineer


    Yes. Leave. Now.

    Go get a job. Aspire to be successful instead of a malcontent that wants society to give you something just because your're 'alive.'

    The 1% (and I do not agree with your remise re: 1%/99%) doesn't owe you diddly-squat.. as they don't owe me diddly-squat.. I do NOT consider myself as part of your BS 1%.. I am an American that is proud that I can go to good schools, work hard, and make something of myself.

    Oh, before you latch onto the 'good schools' aspect, rest assured I did (a) chose a degree that would be useful LONG-TERM and (b) took out $$$thousands of $$$ to fund. I paid mine back.

    What is the excuse of the OWS crowd? We can't pay our student loans!! Bwwaaahhh!!! Maybe you friggin' malcontents should have thought of that when you were getting your Sociology degree with double-minor in West Swahili Trial Languages and New Age Concepts. Just sayin'.

  5. MH

    that wants society to give you something just because your're 'alive.'

    Before they gave a trillion in tax dollars to Wall Street without getting anything back, you might have had a point.

  6. Bram Reichbaum

    Yeah, it's not going to be Sheriff Bill Mullen's “perfect world”, but my hunch is it's going to be pretty darn close. We can't get too totally teased by #OWS, and MH's point is well taken. But there are things to do and new spaces to occupy.

    Monk, good to hear from you again. I wonder what is the property valuation of Alpark Terrace, or is it listed by individual lot? What is (was) the address there?


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