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Ruth Ann Daily has been on a tear lately.

Consolidating government services and community planning into larger, more representative bodies that share the costs, the benefits and the responsibilities of development is, at this point in local history, a good and necessary thing.

Is there a single human being not actually employed by the City, that is not in favor of more aggressive consolidation? Anyone?


Eric Heyl always tears it up.

That UPMC would record a $618 million profit seems a bit contradictory for an organization that functions as and describes itself as a nonprofit health system.

Now, if he would only get serious for a minute, and draw a connection between the city’s financial distress — and the way we bow and scrape to the city’s most profitable venture, throwing up our hands and asking “What can we do?”


Marty Griffin, aka Lando Calrissian, exposes the risible state of the Mayor’s “Pittsburgh Promise” on KDKA-TV. The Burr Reporr is amplifying. Smitty from the Flats provides background:

DEC 13, was one week or so after Luke announced with Onorato and Doyle at his side.The “promise” was pushed prematurely by Luke against Roosevelt’s wishes. The timing between the mayoral announcement and the “promise announcement really seemed to sew up the nomination for Luke.It gave the appearance of “having it all together.”We know the rest of the story.

If you don’t connect the reference after about 20 seconds, you’re not quite our kind of person. Or you prefer Star Trek.


The League of Young Voters had some very kind words for the Burghosphere.

I now acknowledge that the world of blogs can be a very useful, informative, and of course, entertaining tool that might become absolutely necessary to the political process. They’re just subject to abuse just like everything else good in this world. It just took me a while to separate the what from the chaff and reveal the delicious, nutritious bits.

Not bad for a homogeneous echo-chamber, eh Potter?


UPDATE: Reform Pittsburgh Now has a new movie online, concerning public transit.

Unfortunately, its loading time makes the new P-G website seem like something from the Jetsons. Make some popcorn, eat the popcorn, brush your teeth, then watch it.

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  1. Bram Reichbaum

    Okay, now that is what I call good come-backery.Though I should have asked if anyone *within the last four years* argued against consolidation, I suppose there is no reason to discount their logic just because they’re a bit old.On the Haulk piece, first we should note it says:“Before looking at a comparison of Philadelphia and Allegheny County, it is important to point out that we heartily endorse the merger of city and county services where duplication exists. This represents a viable and appropriate way to save money.”Next, both that piece and the Rubin piece (who is from Duquesne, Your Honor!) argue against a Whole-Hog Louisville Merger, which I think is becoming a kind of straw-man to preserve the status quo.I’m not saying we should do the Full Louisville, I’m just saying we should be more aggressive than the Mayor is currently.Michael Lamb, for example, speaks of increased “collaboration” on all fronts, and Mark DeSantis argued in Pittsburgh Quarterly for a piecemeal model, specifically eschewing a SuperPittsburgh model.


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