Liquor Reform Bill: A Confounding, Busy Waste?

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It’s what the free-market ideology Pittsburgh Tribune-Review‘s got me thinking:

But it’s like a 7 and 7 with no Seagram’s — a bit of carbonation but no kick.

Beer distributors are granted first crack at a new near monopoly and favored state financing terms for wine and spirits licences. Grocery stores can sell wine. But to sell beer, they have to also have a restaurant. Convenience stores can sell beer but have to have a seating area. (Trib, Edit Voice)
Hooray for more… seating areas at convenience stores. How do we feel about this additional expense in more space without shelving convenience items, although you’ve just added rows and rows of beer? Are the folks at the RHI okay with it?
Meanwhile, One of America’s Greatest newspapers is just plain sick and tired of regulating alcohol with even half of one eye peeled on public welfare…
Some lawmakers, both dino-Democrats and retro-Republicans alike, say the state should “modernize” the government liquor monopoly first. Except there’s nothing modern about modernizing a system… (P-G, Edit Team)
and they’ve lost lost me.
We’re getting closer, Pennsylvania. Maybe both of these bills — the one Governor Corbett twisted and finagled through the House, and the one the Left is calling “modernization”– maybe both deserve another coat of paint.

4 thoughts on “Liquor Reform Bill: A Confounding, Busy Waste?

  1. Mark Rauterkus

    How about rest rooms?

    Archie Bunker used to say you never purchased beer, you only rent it.

    Well, if you sell beer and wine the establishment needs two stalls or more in both a men's and woman's room.

    Forget the other stuff. Except nuts. You gotta have nuts in PA, especially with bill authoring.

  2. Bram Reichbaum

    Okay, we would be encouraging more “quickee” convenience store in-and-out type of bar and taverns. Okay. There is one in Friendship / Garfield that I am familiar with that is okay, nice vibe.

    Do you feel safe at the state-run liquor store? Do you imagine you would feel more or less safe at a privately run strong spirits distributor? Do you have a car? Are you a female-bodied person?

  3. MH

    Do you imagine you would feel more or less safe at a privately run strong spirits distributor?

    Last time I was visiting my parents, I got offered bourbon samples in the grocery store. Only give you one, cheapskates.


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