Liveblogging the Monday Morning News Check

10:56 – Joseph S. Mistick, left out of the He-Man analysis, looks at the mayoral race through the space-opera of his own generation, Star Trek. (Pictured: Sex & the City’s Kim Catrall, and Mr. Spock, in a Vulcan Mind-Meld)

It remains a mystery whom Mistick supports, until someone discovers whether he considers himself a policy wonk, or a sycophant.

The Comet wonders whether the “chicanery and skulduggery” has been limited to one-upsmanship, as in the tax-abatement tango, or if Joe is referring to something lying elsewhere … elusive.

11:03 – Battle Cat fiercely savages the downtown YMCA, who we suppose occupies some sort of midpoint between UPMC and the Little Sisters of the Poor. Ravenstahl plans to enter negotiations with nonprofits by declaring that he does not expect very much, wheras Peduto has some sort of 20-to-40-year plan.

11:09 – We of the Comet do not think that Luke Ravenstahl intends, or expects, to reap any political gain from his stance — or rather, feelings — on contraception and abortion.

11:14 – The P-G’s Elwin Green has a lovely thumbnail history of Homewood. A surprise to us: Homewood used to be an Italian community, until those displaced from the construction of the Civic Arena arrived to cause a bout of “white flight.” Which was followed by a round of “black flight.”

11:17 – Hallelujah! Early Returns has updated!

James O’Toole says Ravesntahl “appears to be the favorite going into Sunday’s committee endorsement.” Agreed. He certainly appears that way. Is there any evidence? Besides that everyone sort of knows that? We wonder. We wawawawa wonder.

He gives The Comet a plug in his list of recommends. He rightfully asks to be told of any “rabidly pro-Ravenstahl blog ” out there.

11:29 – The Trib has an Associated Press summary of the nonprofit tax contributions. There is much talk of inconsistency. Surely, nobody likes inconsistency?

11:34 – Hey Trib Whisper-People – If (#10) Ron Francis is such a peach, why doesn’t he run against Onorato? Sure he ruled that out some time ago … but the collapse at the Convention Center! The North Shore connector! The Mon-Fayette expressway! Property taxes! Won’t somebody please think of the children?

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