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  1. anon

    Bram, P4 is a ruse. Zoning is (or should be) objective. All of the articles about non-profit power really do merge into the concept of P4. P4 is a subjective way for rich, powerful and connected people to use a confusing set of principles to justify whatever they want to do, whenever they want to do it. While not P4, and more zoning, see below:


    Just think about this. Lots of people spent a lot of time with consultants and community input coming up with standards for development in the new SS IPOD and then, BAM! Just like that the standards and consulting reports and community input are thrown out. Why? Because the developer and development are allies of the current administration.

    P4 will be even worse. It will be a subject way for political and powerful people to support projects from people they like and squash those from people they don’t. The entire objective of zoning and public subsidy should be to eliminate subjectivity and the political hand at play. Isn’t that what Peduto supporters fought for over a long time? Or was it all a ruse just to gain power and then use the same tactics? When will good people stand up to this type of corruption?


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