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  1. Monk

    Sometimes old tune holds up in todays time..

    Do yinzselves a favor, vote out City Council weirdos! Let Bus Station Billboard alone (Times Square has one)…visit Rivers Casino on regular basis. And bitch with all of heart that gambling proceeds have not found their way into City Coffers…

    Yinz need to acknowledge…Mayor Luke's plan for Parking Lease was heads and shoulders above anything proposed by Council. And, the bleating Lamb, that is City Controller.


  2. monk

    With the current census info in: only 305,000 City residents and taxpayers! And given the wage disparity between City Dwellers and Sub-Bourbonites…

    Choke the bastards @ Parking Facilities…

    With a declining population and one that is disproportionately charged with task of paying for City Services…

    I feel that City Residents, are ready to move with Privitization of Parking Authority…

    And, I love Bus Station Bill-Board as a tool to advertise City!

    Maybe first message streamed should be “We subsidize parking for Sub-bourbonites, come vomit in Carson Street parking spots…WTF Krause?

    You want re-elected? Acknowledge urban predjudice!


  3. Bram Reichbaum

    One thing I'm realizing — you remember how last year, every little thing was held up, colored or completely overshadowed by the question of whether we would eventually lease out our parking spaces to shore up our finances.

    You would have thought in this new year, that dense cloud would lift. You would have been surprised if it even stayed the same. But as it's turning out…

  4. MH

    Is it really that surprising? One of the main points of stopping the lease, from my point of view, was that it would keep the city from burying its financial problems for another five or ten years.

  5. Bram Reichbaum

    Here's what you has to worry about from your perspekive, then, MH. Things could get so bad, so fast, and so seemingly traceably, we'll wind up with FIVE new Councillors. Then those incoming Councillors will pass Lease II ASAFP and “bury the financial problems for another 5 or 10 years.”

    That's almost the smart bet, kinda.

  6. MH

    Just because the odds are you'll lose, doesn't mean losing quicker is better. The lease was a great boon for city retirees, but not so good for anybody else (including future city retirees).

  7. monk

    Michael Lamb may have solution. Smart Guy. I backed for Mayor instead of O'Conner.

    I would suggest that he should have mentioned that 'Placebo Parking Legislation' passed by Council was puny at best. He choose a side because he eyes Mayorial Run…

    Can't run against Mayor if on same side…he did mention, come to think of it, that Council Solution was not his!

    He is a bleating Lamb and poor excuse of a Controller.

    As a past Elected Representative to the Municipal Employees Board of Directors, I say Hum Ha.

    And, I find it equally disturbing that Mike Diwida is hack on Scenic Pittsburgh, that condemns Bus Station Bill Board. Did he accept Larimer money in his last race?

    It is time to throw the bums out…

    You applauded insurrections in Egypt and elsewhere: Wisconsin for that matter and yet you fear change in Pittsburgh.

    Idiots on Council know not opportunity unless it is their own…


  8. monk

    I feel compelled to mention that my daughter worked on Dawida’s last bid for office. And, I on his successful bid for County Comish.

    It is not personal…


  9. MH

    …that 'Placebo Parking Legislation' passed by Council was puny at best.

    I still can't believe the state bought it. It is a pretty obvious dodge.

  10. Bram Reichbaum

    I'm telling you, the state thought about swallowing Pittsburgh, took one look at us and gagged. You watch — when they actually calculate whether we reached 50% funding, they won't even open up our briefcase. They'll hold it gingerly at arms length, mutter “close enough”, and toss what's left of Act 44 in the incinerator.

    Meanwhile, Monk is on Facebook. Which is good 'cause finally I'm not the only one in this city that has to get strung out over moderating his commentary [GRINS AT BILL].

  11. erirm

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