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Tim McNulty at the P-G covers the Gang of 1200 and Aaron Aupperlee at the Trib notes more advice coming incoming from Harvard to Youngstown.

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  1. Anonymous

    PG said only about 500 showed — still significant.

    Interesting to note that the PG interviewed past mayoral spokesperson Huss. Why?

    Also interesting that the FOP volunteered to assist with the transition and their only note was that they didn't have to stand up and defend the police once. Raises questions as to their true intent in “volunteering”. To actually assist in the transition by listening to and respecting everyone's views or to simply defend policing of the past.

  2. Anonymous

    Interesting that PWSA's Brendan Schubert is chairing Peduto's Operations & Infrastructure transition team, tasked in part with making recommendations about stormwater management, a topic which greatly piques Chief Operations Officer Guy Costa's interest. But all voices must be acknowledged by the new administration, even the outside insiders.

  3. Anonymous

    The Huss' showed up! Watching city council all these years, those two were despicable! Joanna Dovin spoke for Lukey and was a total tool for the Mayor. Anything Bill would say she would respond “consider the source”.
    Classy lady!
    Anyway, what's there angle showing up?

  4. Anonymous

    Crazy moment. I was in the Public Safety classroom and Mike Huss was present when the Mayor elect said our current director is here as a private citizen and we are conducting a national search for a new director. Political theatre at its best…

  5. Anonymous

    Bram, I don't get you. “moving forward” is the best you can say? “Political theatre” was so much more delightful and insightful. Why don't you engage sometimes? Isn't that the objection of a blog.


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