Mapping Pittsburgh Murals

by Vannevar Bush

Over the last year my friend S. and I have been riding our bikes to the murals and outdoor public art in Pittsburgh, documenting and cataloging, and organizing our finds into a Google-map with drill-down info on the artists and additional info on the stories behind the mural. You can see the result at
Our hope is that this

  • provides a searchable, accessible resource for anybody interested in exploring and learning Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods
  • helps plan an afternoon’s outing
  • encourages people to explore the city and discover what lies a little bit off their routine track.

There’s a tremendous amount of high-quality, outdoors public art in Pittsburgh. Some of the artwork I’d point out to a first-time visitor as representative would include:
Brick Woman by Lady Pink in Braddock

Persephone by multiple artists in East Liberty

Mother Nature by Ashley Hodder on the East Busway

Untitled by George Gist in Wilkinsburg

Greenfield Connected by William Schlough in Greenfield

Grand Mere by Bob Ziller in Bloomfield

It’s Your Turn by Ian Green, Lauren Hinish in Homestead

Wheeling Heliocentric Orrery by Kevinn Fung in Lawrenceville

Rebirth by Gregg Valley in Carnegie

The Garfield Gator (by anonymous) in Garfield

There are over 360 different artworks mapped at, and you can slice the database by neighborhood, artist, funding organisation – for example, the Sprout Fund murals, and this is a map of the Carnegie fund-raising dinosaurs – or you can search by keywords.
Might be a great way to plan an afternoon outdoors.

6 thoughts on “Mapping Pittsburgh Murals

  1. Bram Reichbaum

    Is gift to region! 366 artworks cataloged and counting. Keep an eye peeled in Pittsburgh Mag is my understanding.

    Your next assignment, Vannevar, should you choose to accept it: the most poignantly arranged crumbling infrastructure.


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