Mayor Announces Leadership, Structural Changes

Luke Ravenstahl announced sweeping changes as part of an ongoing process to improve, enhance, and create further efficiencies in his administration. (PGH, Joanna Doven)

“I’ve had a year to evaluate the City’s management structure and personnel,” Ravenstahl said. “I’ve not been satisfied with the performance of the City either historically or today. The status quo is unacceptable. Changes need to be made and I’m making them.”

The moves include two newly created positions. Arthur O. Victor Jr. will be Director of Operations, and Michael Huss will be Director of Public Safety.

The mayor says that Mr. Victor will “enhance what we do while also creating efficiencies,” whereas “residents should sleep better knowing Chief Huss is in place.”

In other news, Patrick Ford will take over as URA Director, because “he knows all the facets inside and out.”

“With Mr. Ford at the helm we will have strong continuity between my Administration and the URA. Expect to see further structural changes taking place under our leadership to increase efficiency and further streamline permitting in the City. Stay tuned.”

Finally, Alecia Sirk will take over as Press Secretary.

“We interviewed people from as far away as Washington, DC and Philadelphia,” Ravenstahl said. “We found the right person here at home working for the URA.”

She should not expect the Comet to be quite so faithful and attentive to her press releases as we are being for this one today.

“Change is never easy,” said Ravenstahl. “But it’s necessary to improve City government for the taxpayers. I will accept nothing less than the best for Pittsburgh.”

2 thoughts on “Mayor Announces Leadership, Structural Changes

  1. Smitty

    I met with a couple friends yesterday,one a firefighter,the other a building inspector.Both were unhappy with Luke’s decisions affecting their departments.Both said that Luke has enraged their fellow employees.They predict massive defections from the Dems to DeSantis for the two year term.


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