Meanwhile, in the August Wilson Community…

Yesterday afternoon, Carnegie Library, Downtown.

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4 thoughts on “Meanwhile, in the August Wilson Community…

    1. Bram Reichbaumbramr101 Post author

      Hers really was a tenacious showcase. “How can you take a building [built with our tax dollars] that is moulded like a ship, and sell it again?”

      I liked what she said about looking to our ancestors and our past because that will shape our future.

  1. Bram Reichbaumbramr101 Post author

    This might be a “stupid” question: the founders and the community (as organizations and individuals) are working on different legal and practical angles on behalf of the Center. The conservator is in charge of something. Dollar Bank has its lawyers. The Attorney General and the Auditor General are making certain pleadings. Is there a voice, a spokesperson and attorney in this process speaking for the 501c3 itself? Is it acting on its own behalf?

    Is anyone capable of confirming or denying whether this list of board members is fully updated? And what is their position, what are they doing as a body? Apologies if this is easy to find.

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