Monday: Rapid Fire

Slots, poker, horse racing, dog racing, lobbying. Meet the Rooneys. (Trib, Conte and Prine)

50% politics, 40% sincere gut instinct, 10% nefarious URA plot. (P-G, Steve Mellon)

It feels as though somebody threw down a gauntlet declaring that the name East Allegheny be banished from history, lest the intransigent forces that enabled Barbara Burns ever again hold sway o’er the land. (P-G, Vivian Nereim)

Bob O’Connor said churches should be able to decide whether or not their buildings must become historic landmarks. Only he was wrong. Only he might have been right. (P-G, Abra MetzDworkin)

Did anyone else read this Matt H post about the Housing Authority entitled Good vs. Evil? It’s a start. Everyone around the old Canasta table seems to be in agreement that there are Issues at HACP, but danged if anyone will circulate any details. The Comet heard rumors of 52-inch plasma screens gracing the office walls — which would not at first blush appear to help fulfill the mission of providing for dignified housing for all city residents.

That’s about it, though. That and a seeming overemphasis of representation emanating from Northview Heights.

The Housing Authority board still lacks any representation by a city council member as required by law, much like the Stadium Authority and the Parking Authority. Unsurprising then that oversight issues would develop at all three; surprising that there persists a holdup in making the appointments. Isn’t it about time for a remedy to this situation?

13 thoughts on “Monday: Rapid Fire

  1. Anonymous

    but danged if anyone will circulate any details…..Who, like Matt H ??? He’s slung tons of mud but can’t back it up with any documentation. A disgruntled ex-employee is what I see…

  2. Anonymous

    I have a friend who works there and the main complaint I hear are director level types whose positions where not advertised and have no clue what their subordinates do. There are definitely many jobs handed out as patronage in my opinion.

  3. Matt H

    There are racists working within HACP. It’s not a surprise to me that they are suing. I give them credit for having the guts to step forward and bring these claims.

  4. Bram Reichbaum

    Matt, is it fair to say this issue is a separate issue from the ones you’ve been bringing to Marty Griffin and to the forefront? Or not?Welcome to the next news cycle….

  5. Anonymous

    About the plasma TV, that’s silly.There is one in the waiting room where you sit and wait to apply for public housing. Many people come to the office with young children, and unfortunately, the wait can sometimes be 30 minutes.This is just petty.

  6. Bram Reichbaum

    I can see that, Anon 8:47. (Though plasma was a questionable choice). In the version I heard, of course, the executive offices might be strewn with plasma screen televisions. Who knows? Even if it were true, now that I wrote about it, they have a chance to stash away the evidence (don’t say I never did anything for you!).At any rate, the quote-unquote “reverse” discrimination accusations at the Housing Authority are going to put an interesting spin on lots of things.

  7. Matt H

    Bram,this is no doubt a new story. The plasma tv does exist and it is at the occupancy department downtown. No government agency, especially HACP, has any business buying such a big ticket item like a plasma TV. Why does a waiting area have to have such a thing? Can’t people bring a book or a magazine to pass the time?Why doesn’t the post office start buying these up to put in all of the branches? There is no way in hell you can justify such a luxury item at HACP.

  8. Anonymous

    There is no way in hell you can justify such a luxury item at HACP.That’s your opinion.. However, these questions of if there is a plasma tv, how much it cost .. how many etc… could have easily have been cleared up if you would have just got off your ass and posted the invoices that you had. That way we all would have known… So easy… but you seem to want to live in the shadows and blow smoke up our ass all day about “what you think”.. Can’t people bring a book or magazine? sure. Is that what you did all day at your political job?

  9. Matt H

    “Is that what you did all day at your political job?”No, I actually worked and put in a fair day. I did such a good job and had such good reviews that I was promoted. Are you one of the bums at 200 Ross Street who walk around all day and pat each other on the back?

  10. Anonymous

    Am I one of the “bums at 200 Ross” that gave you a good review? That’s a good question….If I wanted to check out excessive patting on the back I would check out your blog Mr. Douche bag.


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