More Breakdown: The 9:00 Hour

So Hillary is the projected winner with 5% of the vote in, right now by 53-47%. According to people, “people like Mike Doyle of Pittsburgh” are on their phones right now with donors and superdelegates, trying to patch the wheels back on the wagon.

Keep refreshing, in case anything else interesting happens.

Pat Buchanan is high on meth, yelling at the rest of the panel and accusing them of utilizing “Marxist dialectic” for not agreeing that Barack Obama is sunk. Until we get a good idea of the margin of victory, no one should be allowed to talk.

With 21% reporting, it’s still 53-47. Clare McCaskill: “We knew all along that Hillary Clinton was going to win; for most of the campaign we’ve been talking about double digits.” Thank you. Everybody breathe.

Clare McCaskill: Getting grilled by Chris Matthews for Obama not having a “sharp” enough message — to which she responds that Obama is going to be who he is, maintain his authenticity, and not start thinking about who he needs to become to win any given race.

Bill Bennett says something smart: “The Clintons know where the center is in American politics, and they go there. I used to think Barack Obama knew where the center was, until this last month, now I’m not so sure.”

3 thoughts on “More Breakdown: The 9:00 Hour

  1. Erik Rauterkus

    where are the parties in the city?Where is John Paul Jones?Where is Dan D?Where is Brenda F?Where are the Hillary folks meeting/Where are the B.Obama folks meeting?Where are the McCain folks too? Any Ron Paul parties???

  2. Bram Reichbaum

    I hear the Obama folks are met at the Church Brew Works. I can’t recall where the Clinton gig is; I hear there’s one at Mullin’s Bar, but that can’t be the major one. Anyone?


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