More on the Convention Center

Dan Onorato makes it clear to KDKA radio’s Fred Honsberger, and to the rest of us, that he is standing by Sports & Exhibition Authority ED Mary Contruro.

The Comet wonders one thing. A P-G article today by Mark Belko and Rich Lord confirms that the 2005 incident was blamed on overtightened bolts, NOT the weather-related expansion or whatever that caused the 2007 collapse.

Our question, is really? Really really? It seems to us that the same sort of mind who might fail to report such an event to superiors, might also be the sort of mind to latch onto a quick and easy solution when under duress, bypassing due diligence.

However. For now, the Comet is trusting in Dan Onorato’s bloodthirsty tone in demanding investigations, and we are not calling for Mary Contruro’s ouster. If she was going to get any of those bonuses this year, she probably should not. If she has perks, strip them. But she seems too valuable to too many people to throw over the rails. We hope she has learned some lessons.

Just because we’re all still upset at Condoleeza Rice, we shouldn’t up and martyr Mary Contruro.

About those investigations. Both Onorato and Ravenstahl seem to suspect the designers and engineers. They most certainly are suspects. But let’s be frank: did we hire the same contractors that built the levees in New Orleans?

One thought on “More on the Convention Center

  1. Smitty

    Bramall reports are that Mary Conturo is a conscientious, hardworking,and capable administrator and attorney.Who benefits the most from the first problem not being publicized? The local economy,the upcoming MLB All Star Game,and local leaders especially then Mayor Murphy and County Exec Onorato.This sounds like a “hush up” from the top echelons of Pittsburgh poliitcs.


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