Now it’s Time for the Breakdown!

The Media Overlords are telling us that even money stands at Hillary by 7 points; that is, if she exceeds that margin, it is a “big win”, whereas if Obama comes within 5, it’s a “moral victory.”

Of course, they are basing this upon the latest polls. Why should the last-minute difference between the latest polls and the actual results dictate who exceeded “expectations”?

You’ll have to ask that of the Media Overlords.

Keep refreshing, in the event that any of the talking heads say something particularly amusing.

Bill Bennett: Obama is “twitchy” because he doesn’t have anybody to fight alongside him. (This is why he should name a running mate right now, and nuts to tradition).

Everyone: Sen. Obama’s problem: “Where all de white women at?”

Anecdotally: HUGE turnout in Pennsylvania today!! On our way in to the polling place, somebody else was coming in at the same time. On our way out after voting, two more people were entering. TREMENDOUS numbers for East-East Allegheny!

Wolf Blitzer: Exit polls say the race was “competitive”. Giggity?

ANDREA MITCHELL @ CLINTON HQ: “Clinton Insiders” who have the polling data are already aware they’re not going to get “the big win” they were looking for!! “They are going to have to figure out another rationale for going forward.”

Pittsburgh “Area”: Obama is projected to have scored only 38%. In the “Rest of State” (not including Pittsburgh area, Philly or the Philly suburbs), Obama scored 42%. OBAMA DID WORSE IN PITTSBURGH THAN IN “REST OF STATE?” Are we teaching you people NOTHING???

CNN: 53% of Protestants voted for Obama. This is the first demographic they have flashed yet that voted in favor of Obama. (Except African Americans. Last number we saw: 92%)

CNN: Clinton leads among 65+ y.o.’s 60-39%. Their talking heads say, “This is not not so good for Hillary Clinton”, considering all of the kids voting for Obama with their rock n’ roll music and their roller skates in their sneakers.

NBC: Just gave Clinton the checkmark. Of course, that’s the raw win, not the “expectations” win, but so much for the fantasy. Can’t be that close if they’re calling it with 3% reporting.

Also, money is important. Apparently, Hillary is broke, and needs a big win to make any more of it. To be continued…..

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