PA Gas Drilling Recommendations Voted On Tomorrow

Pins and needles, right?

Here’s a lovely bit of hand-wringing over process by Laura Olson at P-G E.R., on what the Marcellus Shale Adviiiiiisory Commission is going to do tomorrow.

It sounds like this commission will do a good job helping the Governor figure out exactly what he wants to do. Of course it seems like he already has a pretty good idea what he wants to do in general — and has every reason to believe he will have the votes (actual, legislative) to get it passed. So on the margins, check to see if the penalties to be levied for actual apprehended drilling violations come out high, low, or hilariously low.

9 thoughts on “PA Gas Drilling Recommendations Voted On Tomorrow

  1. Bram Reichbaum

    I'm not suuuuper sure what an Onorato administration would be doing right at the present moment… and with a Republican legislature? No, we're in the world we're in.

    Maybe it's nearing an advantageous time for the Democratic Party for Dan Onorato to throw a press conference, hurl some ordinance. Couldn't hurt.

  2. Minuteman

    Onorato certainly wouldn't have been as eager to play along with industry wishes to the mind-boggling and startling degree that Corbett is. Moreover, though – I reference every office that was lost to a teabagger (or sundry other nitwit) across the state due to 'progressive' inaction – governor, senator, representative, etc. & et al

  3. BrianTH

    Even this legislature wanted to pass an extraction tax, and didn't because Corbett threatened to veto it.

    I'm guessing Onorato would not have done that.

  4. rich10e

    no one cares what Dan O does now…he's done….blamimg progressives for not showing up is a mistake…soon after the primary a poll showed that Dan O had a recognition problem…more so an ideological identity problem..nearly as many voters saw Dan as a conservative or moderate as did see him as a liberal which we know he isn't… he failed to distinguish himself from Corbett and with nationwide antipathy towards the Democratic Party rising,he was in the wrong place at the wrong time…like the Repubs did with Swann,the Dems should have thrown out a sacrificial lamb….and hope that Corbett does what he's been doing

  5. BrianTH

    It isn't an either/or issue–there is lots of blame to go around for the 2010 elections results. In other words, Corbett's victory was overdetermined, but that doesn't mean no one is to blame.

    In fact I'd also nominate all the people I know who thought Corbett would be good for the Pittsburgh Metro because he was from around here.

  6. Minuteman

    Registered voters may say a lot to polls – but only ~20% of them actually do anything on the voting machines. Sad, and telling…


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