Preservation Pittsburgh Defends Ramparts

We’ve been hearing about this new advocacy group Preservation Pittsburgh for a while now, and we’ve been wondering when they were going to get around to Fort Pitt.

A P-G piece has Preservation Pittsburgh offering to mediate between the Fort Pitt Preservation Society, on the one side; and on the other (inhale) the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, the Riverlife Task Force, and the Allegheny Conference on Community Development.

We wish them luck, but that equation seems way out of balance.

The Comet had intended to only hyperlink the Good Guys, but heck, with the right application of pressure, any one of these parties could come ’round. So here goes:

The P.A. Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources

The Riverlife Task Force

The Allegheny Conference on Community Development

Give ’em what-for! I mean — be eloquent and respectful!

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