R.I.P.: Fred Honsberger, Local Talker

See link: KDKA.

In addition to many notable achievements, Fred Honsberger defeated a notable blogger way back in 2005.

Fred ran a great show, and I always enjoyed listening to or watching him. Period. He could do a straight-into-camera take that deserves mentioning in the same breath as Johnny Carson. And you could tell he cared. My sympathies to his family and loved ones.

BELATED ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Penn Hills police officer Michael Crawshaw. Gunned down in the line of duty, like so many others on our streets and overseas. The Hons Man would not wish to jump out in front of any of them.

11 thoughts on “R.I.P.: Fred Honsberger, Local Talker

  1. Conservative Mountaineer

    The Honzman will be missed. I didn't agree with everything he said.. probably +95% of it. I especially liked his disdain for Unions (see PAT thugs/parasites) and certain politicians (see Pay Raise issue – that means you Frank LaGrotta, Bill DeWeese, etc.). RIP, Fred.

  2. Archi

    I can't tolerate political/caller-driven talk anymore, and that certainly included Fred's radio and TV shows.

    BUT…I'll always have fond memories of Hons's kinder, gentler years with Cigna and the K-Team. Back when AM was far more relevant, and I was totally fascinated by anyone whose voice came through the radio — including Fred's.

    Anyone else remember the KD commercials where people (including Hons) kept coming through an office door and slamming into Cigna's face?? Maybe some crazy person has them up on Youtube…

  3. Bram Reichbaum

    OH! Dayvoe, that was you guys? I thought that was a live author who up and gave up shop one day without warning or fanfare. I didn't know it was a pseudonomynous entity. If Honsmanlies actually birthed 2PJs, that makes it a whole different thing.

    We'll let this comment stand as the post correction.

  4. Anonymous

    As Archi said:
    “I can't tolerate political/caller-driven talk anymore, and that certainly included Fred's radio and TV shows.”

    Please mourn Fred as a person and not a radio/TV “entertainer”. That's what he was. Nothing wrong with that, but people tend to forget that Fred was focused on getting people fired up so they call his show. It was about ratings first and foremost. From all accounts, he was a good person and was involved with charitable organizations. That's the person what we should miss. The political grenade tossing and pandering… not so much.

  5. I Blame Obama

    I remember one time Fred called me a moron and hung up on me. Reminded me of my Dad. As they say at the Trib, “He will be missed.”


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