Rolling with the Blogroll

Here are some fabulous weblog treats that have been bouncing up and down the old Comet sidebar.

Schultzy has massive video and voluminous notes from the Pittsburgh Civic Design Coalition Debate / Forum Event Thingy last night. (D4D)

Chad Hermann has been seriously hysterical on the subject of Cyril Wecht. (TWM)

Secret Agent Ska did not catch the season premier of Grey’s Anatomy. (Agent Ska)

Lest anyone think Delano is running away with the show, remember who’s on holiday. (Busman)

Political analysis: so easy, we’ve passed it off to our intern. (The Intern)

Yesterday, the P-G ran a Peanuts comic that made a Mort Sahl joke. Yes, that Mort Sahl. More hip than Dennis Miller, we tell you. (TCA)

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