Sunday: Moving Right Along

Parker ready to turn it up another notch (P-G, Ed Bouchette)

Yet there are grumblings that even though he leads the AFC with 925 yards rushing, second in the league only behind sensational but injured rookie Adrian Peterson of Minnesota, that there’s just something missing from Parker and the Steelers ground game this season.

Yeah, about a hundred pounds.

“This year, it’s more scheme,” Parker said, “and more like — I wouldn’t say I’m not confident in taking the corner, but I’m more hitting it up the middle and reading it. Instead of taking that chance like I used to take last year, I don’t take as many chances.”

He was a hundred pounds too light last year, too. Unfortunately, Willie’s gonna run for 120 yards against the soft Dolphins in a rout tomorrow — so we’ll all have to table this discussion yet again.

Steelers’ Parker taking heat for normal numbers (Trib, John Harris)

Considerably bigger than Parker at 6-foot-1, 247 pounds, Davenport appeared to hit the holes faster and run with more authority than Parker. He also maintained his balance better than Parker.

Tomlin said not to read too much into Davenport’s performance in terms to how it relates to his playing time in the future, starting with tomorrow night against the Miami Dolphins at Heinz Field.

We actually hope that’s just a little pre-game media kung-fu on Tomlin’s part.

2 thoughts on “Sunday: Moving Right Along

  1. Dan

    1. Najeh Davenport is damn near useless on third downs, and has been all year. Verron Haynes, if healthy, should be re-signed.2. You quote Willie: <>Instead of taking that chance like I used to take last year, I don’t take as many chances.”<>Why, yes. And, thanks to those who wrongly criticize him for not running up the middle, we are no longer getting the 40, 50, and 60 yard TD runs from the outside. Well done.When you’re Jerome Bettis, you don’t try to play Willie Parker’s game. And vice-versa.Plus, as the fellow above says, the o-line isn’t creating holes, and the discussion could very well end there.


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