Teamsters Snub Ravenstahl

“We’re not going to give an endorsement in the general election. I’m not happy with the way things are running in the current administration.”

So says Joe Rossi, vice president of Local 249, representing 165 city garbage collectors among others.

Jeremy Boren of the Trib reports that this has mostly to do with the administration’s inattentiveness towards their concerns.

On a related note, we would have thought the only possible life forms less credible than anonymous blog comments, would be anonymous blog comments on a wholly satirical blog.

Yet somehow, LUKE IS A PUSS BAG broke this story on I Luv Luke five days ago. Granny and Pierre scored a real coup.

6 thoughts on “Teamsters Snub Ravenstahl

  1. Anonymous

    That’s funny. The original contract that was presented to the Teamsters for approval before the AllStar Game didn’t include a re-opener. It would be interesting to review the language of the contracts entered into before Denny Regan had any power (before O’Connor went into the hospital) and after (after O’Connor was incapacitated). Wonder what kind of promises were made, in exchange for what kind of consideration.

  2. Anonymous

    By the way, a re-opener is one of hte worst kinds of provisions in a collective bargaining agreement. It gives the union a chance to come back to the well a second time to try to get that which they couldn’t get during the initial round of negotiations (i.e. the govt. rarely, if ever, wins any ground on these things). To give credit where credit probably isn’t due, Luke may be loathe to meet with the Teamsters because he knows it’s a lose-lose situation, and the rumor is that he’s making Yarone meet with them because it was Yarone and Denny Regan that got the City into the mess, i.e. agreed to the re-opener. Nah, Luke probably refuses to meet with the Teamsters because he’d rather be doing something else, less work-like.

  3. Smitty

    do it now or do it later….the addition of wilkinsburg in garbage collection was supposedly a bone for rossi to chew on…guess he’s still hungry

  4. Patrick

    Re-openers…isn’t that the great “reform” that Act 47 brings us? Enabling the city to re-open contracts?

  5. Anonymous

    It’s not clear whether Act 47 knew about the Teamsters re-opener. They were calling for privatization of trash collection so I doubt it. It was probably a sneaky behind-the-scenes deal between Rossi & his friends Regan and Cassidy after O’Connor was incapacitated.


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