The Mayor of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh’s Hill District.

(h/t Revelations)

“I do not support, for example, cash payments to any organization or individual in the Hill District. I want to be clear with that.”

Presumably, Mayor Ravenstahl means to include community development corporations (CDC’s) and the such, some of which have been involved in the success of projects like the Oak Hill Development complex and others.

The subject changes to the Pittsburgh Promise and education for a while around 2:30.

Marimba Milliones of the Hill CDC later asks of Mayor Ravenstahl whether he is committed to “joint sign-off”.

Ravenstahl at first says, “It’s not my decision to make personally.”

As he expands on this, he suggests, “I don’t know if both these organizations are going to agree.” We believe he is referring to factions within the One Hill CBA Coalition.

As Milliones further clarifies and inquires, Ravenstahl later says “I’m there” on the issue of joint sign-off.

There was also something of a disagreement as to whether or not funding the Hill CDC towards the development of a Master Plan ought to be described as a “cash payment,” either to the organization or to Ms. Milliones herself.

(again, h/t Revelations, which is “appalled” and soliciting comments. Also filmmaker Chris Ivey. LINK)
(for background on the City Planning meeting that preceded this neighborhood meeting, see the Comet at LINK.)

6 thoughts on “The Mayor of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh’s Hill District.

  1. Dr. Goddess

    Folks,I transcribed the first part because I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, to be honest ( did NOT know what he was talking about and it is clear that somebody is feeding him misinformation.It is also clear that his aides are not providing him with the proper definition, let alone information, around a CBA.This is exceptionally clear when he says “Good” that the Hill CDC did not ask for money through this process and “well, we’re talking about a CBA” after Marimba clarified that the New Granada Theater does have a plank in the process.And I, for one, am not clear when he says he doesn’t support “cash payments or funding” to any groups but he does support city investment in programs in neighborhoods but he doesn’t support the groups who would have to enact those programs but he stands firm that he doesn’t support funding for groups “in this process”.His behavior was extremely disrespectful; and a Mayor walking out on his own neighborhood meeting (he invited us, remember?) while constituents are still in Q & A is just shameful.

  2. Dr. Goddess

    For those who might be unaware:The entire purpose of a CBA is to outline the programs / issues / institutions that need sustenance, start up and/or sustainability to improve the community. Eventually, the planks are developed and have a price tag.This is why it’s so ridiculous for him to say he doesn’t support funding for groups and institutions in the Historic Hill District but he is seeking state funding for the YMCA. Ummmm . . .

  3. Mark Rauterkus

    The faces around the mayor are the usual props. Pat Ford (URA czar), Mike Hess (Public Safety), Police Chief, Director of Citiparks (Duane Ashley often attends). Building Inspector. Woman with dark hair 2nd to left of Luke is Director of City Planning. Black gentleman 3rd to right of Luke is unknown — can’t see him clearly.


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