Three Items of Some Interest

Petty theft and corruption is justified, on the basis of thrift and desperate circumstances. When you listen to him it becomes obvious … the humanity, the nobility, the harmlessness. We do hope he never stole from the collection plate, but the question is: with a vast and static working-class elderly population, does Pittsburgh practice relaxed ethics as a cultural heritage? (Null Space)

PittGirl writes an article on UPMC, and gets five comments. PittGirl writes an article on race, and gets fifty-one comments. This should tell us some things. 1) Race is more easily understood than UPMC 2) Race is more important than UPMC 3) Tying your subject matter into the Steelers is very good for engaging Pittsburghers. (That was Mike’s brilliance.)

So the Pittsburgh Organizing Group is organizing a protest of the Ravenstahl Inauguration. It will begin Thursday at 4:30 at 235 Atwood Street, and it will march to Carnegie Music Hall. They plan to attend the ceremony at 5:30.

We’re sick of back room deals, political machines, racist development projects, and corporate interests.

The coalition they are seeking probably will not coalesce by Thursday afternoon, but what a concept! If you see them, you should cheer them on. If they do anything illegal, alert the proper authorities.

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