Thursday: The Life Could Be Worse for Kevin Miller List*

Photo Barsmart (h/t PittGirl)

Bruce Kraus will clean up Pittsburgh until we make him stop.

“I was just surprised at how many open container violators there were,” said Councilman Bruce Kraus, the bill’s creator. “It seemed to me that there was almost a cavalier attitude about open containers, that it’s only 50 bucks, and they just pay it.” (Trib, Jeremy Boren)

Mayor Ravenstahl cites Steeler Sundays as a concern. Someone ask Dan Rooney for his thoughts.

Steelers owner Dan Rooney crazy up into Barack Obama.

This Thursday, October 30th, please join Pittsburgh for Obama for a Get Out the Vote Kickoff at Heinz Field, featuring a special musical performance by Rusted Root. (Obama spam)

Think there is a cabinet position or ambassadorship on the horizon?

New voting machines are a total crap shoot.

A company that tested the software of Allegheny County’s electronic voting machines this month is about to have its federal accreditation suspended by a U.S. oversight commission. (Trib, Tim Puko)

Would you like us to start a panic? We can easily start hammering away at this stuff and more.

Transit union decries scabs.

The authority said it acted appropriately, and that the decision will benefit the city’s tourism industry without creating competition with the authority’s service. (Trib, Team Effort)

We take liberty with our headline — but could they have pulled this without the Port Authority budget scare?

Rich Lord throws cold water on anti-straw purchasing ordinance.

Neither Ceasefire PA nor other anti-violence or gun control groups contacted could name a city that has aggressively enforced a lost or stolen gun reporting law. (P-G, Rich Lord)

Gun law: 3rd down and 12 on the NRA’s 47 yard line.

Money falls on region.

Hooray for remaining state legislators! (P-G, Joe Grata)

Post-Gazette undorses two for state legislature.

Dom Costa “is well-informed”; Dan Deasy is also acceptable. (P-G, Edit Board)

Post-Gazette salutes City of Pittsburgh Police Bureau.

Ready for prime time, or anything else. (P-G, Edit Board)

CONFLAGRATION!! Tribune-Review endorses Anybody But Poopy Head Tim Murphy.

No mention of his opponent. (Trib, Edit Board)

Meanwhile, Camp Murphy has two sites to recommend for our readers: LINK and LINK.

Schultz endorses Anybody But Doody Breath Jack Murtha.

How easy it is to rail against pork, when one is not the one holding the pork sword. What? (B-R comments)

Go see Electile Dysfunction tonight.

A panel discussion featuring L. Cullen, C. Potter, T. Norman, and J. Brabender hosted by J. McIntire describes an ideal night of intimate salon conversation. Unfortunately, the event is held in a sprawling banquet hall with the participants on stage about nine feet above everybody else. Just ignore that mess and crowd into the front corner with the rest of us. G. Bonesso promises 7-10 minutes of new stand-up material for the first time since around when Gen. Abizaid was in charge of Iraq. (Gab Bonesso)

Halloween party proceeds, if any, to benefit charity.

Our hosts inform the Comet that the sponsoring venue suggested neighborhood charities, yet details are still being formalized. Some reluctance among nonprofits to affiliate themselves with events that might be construed as political is referenced. Hosts further attest that few if any local political events until now have volunteered to donate overages to charity, i.e., no good deed goes unpunished. (PghLesbianCspdt)

*-UPDATE: Beneficiary will be the Urban Impact Foundation.

6 thoughts on “Thursday: The Life Could Be Worse for Kevin Miller List*

  1. Sue

    Since when is asking your elected official a question about a clearly pre-campaign political event “punishing” them? That sounds eerily like the “Free Speech Zone” mentality from W’s administration. Fear not. I’m getting plenty of “punishment” from alleged supporters of Bill and Chelsa who have labeled me a “bitch” and a “bull dyke” as well as slamming the residents of Manchester for being poor, black and/or gay. And neither public servant have contacted me to condemn this kind of support. I wonder if the unnamed charity is working on any of those issues? That would be a fitting end to this little story.

  2. Bram Reichbaum

    1. Sue, I didn’t read those nasty comments on your blog as having come from a supporter of Bill or Chelsa; rather, random trolls.2. As writ above, the “unnamed” charity is now the Urban Impact Network.

  3. Sue

    I did say “alleged” supporter. Did Bill or Chelsa give you the name of the charity? I’m still waiting for that information which I did request over a week ago. Hmmm.


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