Tuesday: It’s Like a Scene from “Avatar”.

We’ve lauded this previously, but now there are wheelbarrows, woo-hoo!

The $621,000 roof project is the latest element in Allegheny County’s “Green Initiative.” It is being paid for with federal stimulus funds. (P-G, Barcousky)

I’d like to check this out. I wonder if they can rent the space out for garden parties and the such. At a premium. Why not?


If the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania weren’t so irretrievably broken, it’d be easier to get enthused about this:

Pennsylvania has received a $750,000 federal grant to pay half the cost of a study into improving Pittsburgh-to-Harrisburg rail service. Right now, there’s only one daily train in each direction (compared to 14 daily trains between Harrisburg and Philadelphia that run fast and nearly filled). (Brian O’Neill)

By all means, study. In the meanwhile, though it honestly pains me to say it, maybe we should turn westward to strengthen our ties to cities of the Gritty Belt? We’re a bigger fish in that pond.


Prevailing footprint legislation is now getting a look-see.

Rob Stephany, executive director of the city’s Urban Redevelopment Authority, said he hasn’t had a chance to review the bills, but has heard from one trade union angered with the diesel emissions component.

“They’re upset because … essentially they’d have to buy the equipment” at substantial costs, Stephany said. (Trib, Brandolph)

The trade unions would need to buy the equipment? I don’t fully understand. At any rate, I presume the City and its partners could always track down somebody who already owns next-generation equipment. Yet another reason it’s good to oft refresh our civic Rolodex.

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