Wednesday Afternoon: The Rest of the Story

Today is the deadline for the Penguins to take a one-year extension option at the Mellon Arena. The P-G’s Mark Belko tells us why that is not going to happen. (One would think this is totally unrelated to a Rich Lord piece in that same paper.)

As of midnight tonight, the Comet Style and Usage Guide will be amended. In the future we will make reference to the “civic arena.”

Twofer! Mark Belko also reports on County Councilman Jim Burn, D-Millvale, getting all up in David L. Lawrence’s and Mary Contruro’s grill. Meet the man!

Finally … if somebody would patch together a Grand Unified Theory of this Burgh Report post, this Rich Lord piece, this other Rich Lord piece, a three-part series by the Admiral beginning HERE, the implications of the legal standoff outlined by the Busman, one of our own seminal works HERE, including a comment left by reader Grant W. Stapleton [warning: his website contains offensive material] … we would be much obliged!!!

We’re looking at you, Jeremy. We have a Masters of the Universe character picked out for you and everything.

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