Wednesday: The Glide


by Bram Reicbhaum

In the race for City Council District 7, Deb Gross has a growing posse including Chelsa Wagner & featuring Bill Peduto, and the Ceoffe camp et al is well-organized for Tony Ceoffe Jr.‘s second run.

(And a belated welcome to the ‘burghosphere to Citizen Yinz!)

In Salt Lake City, not only did they make public transit plans for 30 years out, but voters approved an increase in the sales tax to hasten it forward 15 years. Now it’s ludicrously fantastic. Wonder what if anything else is making the difference, making transit investments palatable out there in conservative Utah.

The Allegheny Institute is on board with fracking the airport in order to help one day make it a big-boy Airport again.

We have a Democratic party candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania who came out if favor of fully legalizing marijuana by 2017. Just in time soar past Pittsburgh’s debt cliff and take off from under state financial oversight!

5 thoughts on “Wednesday: The Glide

  1. BrianTH

    Nice to see Chelsa Wagner and Peduto on the same team (wouldn't want there to be a Hatfields and McCoys thing brewing).

  2. Rick Byerly

    All these endorsements without policy specifics from Deb Gross? Ugh, I hope this isn't the case and I'm missing some information. Otherwise I'm getting a Wagner-related migraine.

  3. BrianTH

    In a sense, almost certainly yes. I think Gross announced less than a week ago, and to my knowledge doesn't yet have much more than a Facebook page going. Obviously she has not been grilled yet by the media/blogosphere, or so on. Of course all this is a bit unusual because of Dowd's retirement and it being a special election.

    In another sense, I'm not sure that is quite an accurate characterization. She might not put it this way, but I think it is fair for an outsider to suggest she is more or less being presented as someone who will generally support Peduto's policies. And Peduto, of course, went into great detail on policy stances.

    So in that sense, I think it is likely a lot of people ARE supporting her for policy reasons, but more because they support Peduto's policies and think she will too, as opposed to thinking she has a well-defined and independent policy agenda.

  4. Rick Byerly

    Well, until I hear something from her I'm unable to know enough of anything. If you announce to run then there should be at least a framework of ideas of why one would run in the first place.

  5. Anonymous

    When you are the machine candidate you don't need no stinking policies. And make no mistake, she is the machine candidate. Amazing how quickly Bill fell into the Fitz strong-arm tactics.


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