Week’s End Open Thread

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9 thoughts on “Week’s End Open Thread

  1. Anonymous

    My PWSA bill has almost doubled in the last year while my usage has remained the same. The consistent pattern of cream skimming followed by obstructionism is unacceptable.

    Example 1


    Example 2

    Resolution 2

    Ethics training? That is the solution? Are you kidding me??? Who is looking out for the ratepayers in this city?!?

  2. Bram Reichbaum

    Anonymous 11:15 – PWSA is the defendant in two lawsuits related to this issue, correct? As galling as it may be, this could be seen as a desirable move to protect we the ratepayers from that exposure. Why make it easier on our tormentors.

    It frustratingly doesn't help reveal what might still-present board members have known and when might they have known it, but then again maybe there's really something to the notion of their never having been made familiar with what to be on alert for in every instance. We are all still climbing out of the Bronze Age, public ethics-wise.

  3. MH

    The only people with grounds to sue are the ratepayers. If I have to pay for this stuff coming and going, I may as well pay for somebody's Club Fed time.

  4. MH

    This isn't even close. It was just outright theft through use of a public office. They'll probably get away without punishment because nobody other public officials write weak laws to protect their own asses and because stealing a few bucks each from hundreds of thousands of people is now too common to be called anything but a business plan, but I certain think any effort to force an actual outside investigation into this is a positive civic good.

  5. MH

    That would make sense. Somebody should have gotten another sign company to sue back during the bus-billboard days.

    If resigning is enough to stop an investigation, I'll just wait and see if that works for people who rob the Get 'n Go.

  6. deegazette

    Probably posting this too late to take advantage of any traffic the topic might have gotten (had I not been a procrastinator)…Is it just me or is anyone else ever annoyed at workers and business owners in busy mixed use areas, like Brookline Blvd and side streets and main street of SS feeding the meters all day to have a good parking space? I have not noticed this as much on Butler Street, but it will happen there eventually too. Do the Chambers of Commerce or Local Development Companies in these areas have a position on this?


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