You Thought Midnight was Bad….

20 thoughts on “You Thought Midnight was Bad….

  1. Bram Reichbaum

    Erm … I was using the same graphics to count down the clock to New Years Eve, the putative “state pensions takeover deadline”.

    I don't get MH's reference to a Jamie P, I took it to signify a random patsy.

  2. MH

    I was more speculating what would be happening if there is nothing random about it and all problems are somehow related.

    (Also, I don't get what you are counting down to either.)

  3. Bram Reichbaum

    I'm not counting down. I'm continuing to track time after midnight, while implying that the next stone that needs to work its way out of Pittsburgh's financial tract may top the last one in terms of high dudgeon.

    Something about “no capital budget,” and as-yet unsubstantiated allegations of funding either squirreled away or transferred as part of a hypothetical political counter-coup. I predict this spring and summer will be big ones for deterioration stories either way.

  4. MH

    Got ya. Now I'm only confused by this, from the PG: “On the South Side, there 37 citations for public urination; eight for failure to clean up urine;”

    Did 29 people piss in the alley and the mop it up with paper towels? Does the requirement to clean urine puddles only apply near the new construction? Or is failure to clean a lesser charge they fill if they catch you after the zipper is back up?

  5. MH

    More justification for my policies of not using Twitter, having an SUV with a very high hood, and not going to the South Side after 8 p.m.

  6. Monk

    Why hasn't anyone mentioned misuse of Capital Budget to spay and neuter pets, as put forth by Darlin Harris.

    And, I take exception to editorial in P-G about 'Sign of Corruption” that is Pat Ford debacle on bus station. Implied he and Missus took bribe…

    Funny that Mike Diwida calls it an “eyesore” after he accepts high paying gig with some group hell bent on opposing anything not scenic…Pittsburgh!

    I'll bet you… there are eyesores all over the 'burgh, far more offensive than sign on bus station…

    2nd Ave Hazelwood for example!

    Diwida came forward because heat felt buy incumbent City Council Members over Pension Solution, that is eyesore to those with fiduciary responsibilities and accountability, would rather pontificate upon an issue that none really care about. Or, should I say less than the thousands of City Workers and retirees…

    Nice try.

    Would say Diwada is paid political hack, that can no longer practice law. His position is that of a washed out political hack, begging for attention while pretending to be an authority on all things urban.

    Fund the pension, either sell or lease white elephants, and fire up the sign on the bus station: cheaper than litigation.

    And above all, vote the incumbent City Council Members out!


  7. MH

    They sold the rights to the sign in an auction with one bidder and no checking to see how much a sign there is worth. If it wasn't corrupt, it was stupid at the fire-them level.

  8. MH

    Anyway, the decision to to seek bids probably cost the city more than the effort to quash the uncompetitive deal that was made behind doors.

  9. Monk

    The Post-Gazette should be glad I'm not the Mayor. Heard from Union Members employeed by P-G that facility on the Blvd Of The Allies is not up to code…

    They fear for jobs…like I feared for mine. Would rather work in an enviorment fear, than fear unemployment.

    I speak not of City employment, but job at Woodville State Hospital…

    There is Union unrest @ P-G…writers, rank and file, editors.

    Chasing bullshit that is old news sells prophacy, perpetuates myth…

    I miss John Craig. Had pleasure of meeting him in his/pittsburgh office. Back in the day when The Hilton, meant something.

    Today the Hilton is EYESORE! Take that Scenic Pittsburgh and Diwida..


  10. Monk

    Hey Diwida! How about the Rt 51 corridor? Renovation was first proposed by Councilman Cusak District 4…your environs. How's Carrick doing? Brookline, Overbrook…

    As, County Comish, what did you do for YOUR NEIGHBORHOODS?

    Your sold them out, tossed them on fire, rotted hopes…

    You and your Ilk are reason for new census figure….

    Tell your wife Audrey, I said hey!


  11. Bram Reichbaum

    Monk – My impression is that Carrick, Brookline and Overbrook are doing fine (at least “Pittsburgh fine”). Similarly the Rt 51 corridor is okay maybe pending several things but I don't know about the “renovation” you say that was planned, and how so that renovation gang aft' agley.

    The general tarring and feathering of Mike Dawida is predictable and I guess a bit necessary given the arrival of Scenic Pittsburgh, but shortly it should be seen that ad hominem attacks against this former county Troika member Michael Mandinwalf Dawida aren't about to win anyone's ballgame.


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