Youth Peace Rally Pittsburgh 2009

A crowd gathered in Market Square on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon for the MGR Youth Peace Rally (remember?). What you see above is one of the many musical, poetic and oratorical performances spread out over a program that lasted well over three hours.

Young people clad in red t-shirts, purple t-shirts, yellow t-shirts — whole discrete lineups of a dozen or more children from different sections of town — were ushered on stage, through green rooms, and back out into the audience like clockwork. Some adults too.

If anyone can provide the names of these particular artists, by all means please do! More video of this event will be appearing randomly on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Youth Peace Rally Pittsburgh 2009

  1. Anonymous

    These groups have been doing these sorts of rallies and events for decades. Tell me, has crime gone down? Have we seen less murders? No. This is a distraction from taking real responsibility, unless you believe social ills are caused by Continental rather than punk kids with no adult supervision, groups just looking for tax payer money to put up smoke and mirrors in the name of saving youth. Make no mistake this is all being coordinated by North Side United.

  2. Bram Reichbaum

    That comment is redic on many levels, burt we'll focus on just one: NU did not remotely coordinate that youth rally. Many, MANY orgs across the city were involved, of which NU and PU were not a factor. It was a different scene.

    While you are busy parsing who is who and who isn't really who for everybody, others are uniting.


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