2011 (Out of the Frying Pan)

10 thoughts on “2011 (Out of the Frying Pan)

  1. monk


    Pension uncertinity till September 2011.

    Just returning from WVA Mountains…

    Was no talk of Pension Crisis.

    Foucus was on Hockey!

    Bonnie, sez…

    An, Accountant, by the way…sez pension will mirror PAT funding for years to come.

    She loves Lukes Original Plan!


    Ps: Upstate NY next week

  2. monk

    I'm getting nudged…Chautauqua NY!

    Not quite Upstate 🙁

    Always wanted to 'Touch' Rogers Rangers…Northwest Passage.(By Kenneth Roberts).

    Major Roger, was forsaken by powers that be…The English and the Cause…

    Backin the day it was the resonsibility of Officers to fund expiditions. Often they were left hungry and shivering…imprisioned!

    General Washington, experienced…

    William Penn, what he must wring in contemplation…

    State Take-Over, is forgone conclusion, not because City Council Acted, but rather because…They didn't think!

    See ya soon,


  3. monk

    Perhaps I am incorrect…

    If pension situation was to be Govenered by Rendell instead of Corbett, doomsday?

    State Store Privitization to fund State Pensions?

    GOP supports!

    Parking Privitization?

    City Council should return all pension funding associated with privitization of State Stores?


  4. Bram Reichbaum

    Monk! How are you? Thanks for leaving us alone yesterday!

    Sounds like Bonnie is smart, but I think she's a bit off on the “years to come” part. Best (worst?) case scenario, this could go about 3-4 years I bet. I can see the state throwing in its own chips on “public transit” for a while, sure, but not on “mopping up Pittsburgh's problems.”

    Dedicating some percentage of liquor store sale / lease proceeds to municipal pensions statewide is an idea whose time is timely. Pittsburgh is unique in that we are the first and the biggest, but we will not be the worst sob story in the coming tsunami and it sounds like a progressive policy.

  5. rich10e

    Bram, by this “Pittsburgh is unique in that we are the first and the biggest,…” do you mean the first major city to avoid the state take over of their pension plan?

  6. Bram Reichbaum

    rich10e – I mean, the first among older but still very well populated cities and governments in the path of the pensions (and debt) Tsunami. We're so “the first” that we're actually growing again, right? It's been hypothesized we're the very model for renewal, but there's still this TSUNAMI COMING, or rather, we are the first to begin collapsing into a (the?) legacy Debt Singularity.


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