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We’ll be Back…

There is a big fancy indoors General Assembly of Occupy Pittsburgh being held tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 7 PM at the United Steelworkers Union Building.

We should be back to blogging regularly and largely on normal topics after that.

There is a monster agenda for the big fancy GA, including: a policy related to the receipt of some donations, a political statement, and a policy on how and when Occupy Pittsburgh will commend or stand with outside groups. All that, and it’s going to be hard to avoid the late-breaking political story concerning the true origin of the portable toilets. Having watched a thoroughgoing variety of Pittsburgh City Council meetings, we can tell this assembly is destined to be grueling, contentious and consequential.

The Band: The Beatles

The time: 1967


It’s coming to City Council. What’s up with that? Which council districts are set to be gaining or losing territory, and where most likely? And why?

To the Media: Occupy and Embed!

(This blog post is an act of personal autonomy, written in a spirit of solidarity with Occupy Pittsburgh.)

(That is the kind of thing you have to say and show that you’re thinking about a lot in Occupy Pittsburgh.)

To all members of the media:

Great job covering our marches, rallies, and day-to-day camp living!

This is, for the most part. Yet even then, attempts at due journalistic diligence on behalf of the reading public are greatly respected.

Media brothers and sisters: you are all cordially invited to stick around after dark, covering nighttime at the camp — a time of conspicuous energy and ferment!

General Assemblies pertaining to the “movement” issues start at 7:00 PM every night. General Assemblies pertaining to “camp” issues start at 10:00 PM nightly. The street corner outreach, art and hospitality crews are relentless and creative through 11:00 PM. There is always tent space available for you, just go to the Media / Hospitality / Camp Nexus of Tents. Morning at the camp is a time for calm reflection and “magic hour” sunlight.

One stipulation: if you work for the corporate media, it would be best to keep a press pass dangling from your neck or poking up from your fedora at all times. It just keeps things more harmonious. Believe me, you’ll get great, important stories, without going all Harriet the Spy.

We are at Mellon Green, on the corner of Grant St. and 6th Ave. in Downtown Pittsburgh.

“The Fight for ‘Real Democracy'”

Some of its conclusions upon its conclusions are in error, but yeah…

The clearest clues lie in the internal organization of the movements themselves — specifically, the way the encampments experiment with new democratic practices. These movements have all developed according to what we call a “multitude form” and are characterized by frequent assemblies and participatory decision-making structures. (Hardt & Negri, Foreign Affairs)

This article together with this post will get you to some of the next steps in Occupy Everything.


[This is why the movement needs time. This is just like, one little issue.]

The Episode: S1E2 – The Elements of Harmony

The intellectual property: Hasbro

Videos to Show This and That

One of the forthcoming critiques about this “occupation” movement is that (aside from the fact that it has no clear goals yet) all of its complaints are so doctrinaire, exhausting and impenetrable. Inevitable really, since social and economic problems are so complex that problem-solving requires a certain amount of digging backwards.

So with all that as a throat-clearing — here are some videos that we’ve really enjoyed:

[Don’t worry, the magic marker stops squeaking very early]

The Comet is undecided on the Fed existentially, but it strikes us that we should all agree Greenspan was a disaster.

Obviously these cartoons are leading and glib, but they’re also decently illustrative.

Finally, the reliably over-the-top dramatic Anonymous:

“We are dirty. Oh, yes. Unamerican. Stupid.”

Developing story…

Dear BONY Mellon –

We must complement you. You have a lovely building there, with lovely and thoughtful signage. Not to mention the art.

You have a golden opportunity here:

Protesters have selected Mellon Green — a Grant Street parklet located conveniently near One Mellon Center, and the US Steel/UPMC building — as the site for their encampment. As a political statement, it’s an ideal location: Grant Street is the heart of the city’s political and corporate establishment. But the site is owned by Bank of New York Mellon itself.

And Mellon, ultimately, will decide whether the protesters are allowed to stay or not. (Pgh. City Paper Slag Heap, Chris Potter)

Because Bank of New York Mellon supports people trying to make their dreams come true — and because you are enthusiastic about constitutionally enshrined values and civil discourse — you can let these charming folks camp on your lawn for a few days at least. A week! As long as the demonstrators retain decorum of course.

And then, you can say, “Well, for goodness sakes, it’s time we keep the place well taken-care of, mind the landscaping, and no longer unduly burden our neighbors! Sorry, out.” By then, some of those demonstrators will desperately be missing a night at home sleeping.

Meanwhile, it’s a beautiful postcard. The grove, the flowers, the fountain, the colorful people — it would make a lovely picture. Moving picture, what have you. Lots of exposure.

Think about it.


UPDATE: And we have an accord! (Trib, Bill Vidonic)