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Protestors march recalling Martin Luther King, Jr., just as attorneys frenzy over inner-city development

The permitted holidaymarchbegan with a rally at5th and Bigelow, near the Pitt Student Union.

Many signs and placardsdecried racism and in glowing letters, forit was winter and eveningfell early. Young and old came out. Drums sounded, booming low. Some horns, in asoftdirge. A few bicycle chimes.

The City Paper reported 1,200 participated in the three-mile march and demonstrationsspanning from Oakland to Grant St., Downtown. Astudent observer estimatedabout 300 participants in the early going in Oakland,which wasmy own estimate. And of those,about 85% White. Both stats may have changed over the evening.

See also the P-G and the PIttNews.

Not all motorists were happy being rerouted up Bigelow Blvd. CMU officers manned the barricades against them Continue reading

Winter Guide: Dealing With the March of Progress

Today, we clarifyall the region’s business.

In regards to public law and order, theComet has five notes:

1. Howard McQuillan,representative of the Fraternal Order of Police Local 1 of Pittsburgh PA, does not likeracism. He (and presumably those in his circle) was greatly painedat suggestions that there mightbe racism amidst the PittsburghBureau of Police. That’s a laudable instinct, full stop.

2. The difficultylies in ill communication over what racism is.I do not know what the Right thinks racism is. But the Left thinks of it like Continue reading