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Commission on Human Relations meets again, puts off more delicate decisions

Today, the City of Pittsburgh Commission on Human Relationsmet for the umpteenth time to discuss their search for a new Executive Director.

Pittsburgh’s CHR is a law enforcement agency which derives its authority from theCity Fair Practices Provisionsfound in Article V, Chapters 651 through 659 of the Pittsburgh City Code.These provisions make it unlawful to discriminate on the basis ofrace,color,religion,family status (housing),age,ancestry,national origin,place of birth,sex,sexual orientation,gender identity or expression,handicap or disability, [or]retaliation

Four months ago, the painstakingly reassembled Commission showed signs oftrouble in its process of selecting a new Executive Director. The Personnel Committee continued to have strained relations with the restof theCommission. Last month, they all thought they had come together on anagreeable selection. But alas, that applicanthad withdrawn their interest.

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