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PGH School Board hires Consultant named Perkins

Do you remember how Pittsburgh Public Schools’ superintendent is soon retiring?

Well here we go! A highfaluting academic is coming on to help the School Board select its #next one.

At the end of a public voting meeting last week, school director Regina Holley made a motion to hire the Perkins Consulting Group — headed by Brian Perkins, director of the Urban Education Leadership Program at Columbia University’s Teachers College — at a cost not to exceed $100,000. (P-G, Clarece Polk)

How that came about was…

Ms. Holley said she and Mr. Sumpter met Mr. Perkins at a conference for the Council of Urban Boards of Education in July and were “impressed with his credentials.” When Mrs. Lane announced in September her plans to retire in June, Ms. Holley recommended Mr. Perkins as a consultant in the superintendent search. (ibid)

It’s always refreshing to get a frank explanation. But now that he’s our Hundred Thousand Dollar Man, Pittsburgh needs to learn about him!

My favorite thing about his professional bio is that he served on a school board for 11 years. Yale doesn’t hurt, either. The focus on “urban education” is certainly relevant.

Leafing through some of his reports of surveys on school climate and parental perceptions, I got the impression that Mr. Perkins and his associates approach education from the “Left,” or as a liberal might.

It’s hard to explain. The educational Right focuses more on testing, discipline, efficiency and conviction. The educational Left puts a greater emphasis on communication, empathy, problem-solving and science.

So it appears the Pittsburgh School Board — on the heels of its own 3-member electoral sweep leftward – just made a bold move to turn the rudder.

The Comet’s only concern off the bat is whether Mr. Perkins has any particular expertise in conducting job searches. Maybe the School Board will contract with still another party to help with the nuts and bolts of human resources; all the better to segregate process from selectivity. Still, his credentials seem to fit that of a schools superintendent better than an executive headhunter.

Maybe he’s here to advise the next board more generally, at its outset.

Thanks to Ali Patterson for calling attention to some of the links on FB’s #OurSchoolsOurSuperintendent

POPULAR VOTE: Partisans Clash from Pittsburgh to Harrisburg on Election Day

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

It’s a balmy 76 degrees Fahrenheit in Pittsburgh, sunny without a cloud in the sky, humidity at 27% and the wind at one mile per hour. Maybe it’s just that it’s a little too nice and quiet out there.

If you have not voted yet, do that.

How are things looking on your end? Check back for headlines.

UPDATE: Democrats sweep all the statewide and Allegheny County judicial races. Republican Guy Reschenthaler wins the open senate seat to the south and west.