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On Underground Princes, Corrupting Arrangements and Exposed Sewers

– Allegheny County Treasurer John Weinstein’s garish suits, lavish long idleness, aversion to ethics, networks of patronage and generational pedigree should have long ago tipped us to how he is a vampire. We thank the US Department of Justice for making sure our local leaders understand Washington isn’t keen to trust an apex parasite with billions in infrastructure money.

County Executive Rich Fitzgerald let Weinstein stay on the sewer authority board for a decade, including three years as its chair. Weinstein’s been elected to his countywide row office for 5 terms with little or no opposition. He’s “brokered” majorities on County Council. He’d just been lurking in the shadows, obfuscated!

– Once the feds motivated Fitz to dump Weinstein from the sewer board, Weinstein decided to run for term-limited Fitzgerald’s office. The Steamfitters and Laborers came aboard as though plumbing is their life’s work and the rest of the “building” trades followed, but Weinstein was also exposed to sunlight for the first time.

– When it comes to the racketeering complaint in particular, my fanfic is not only that Weinstein is the alleged “legal framer” of the Snyders’ alleged fake lien enterprise, but that he also tipped Attorney General Shapiro to the Biroses so that the Snyders could take over the whole illicit video poker ring by themselves, and now the Biroses are taking the Snyders down with them. Let me know if that’s even plausible!

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